bikini-beach bikini-beach bikini-beach bikini-beach bikini-beachClark Rubber Watermelon Float | Gooseberry So Chic Oasis Bikini | Shevoke Sunglasses

I wanted to shoot a bikini a little differently so I did as I always do on a hot, sunny day and blow up a floatie! I got this super cute watermelon blow up from Clark Rubber and if you wanted you can get a whole fruit salad including limes and strawberries. The next one I’m going to invest in is the big blow up boat – they’re so fun out on the bay with a bunch of friends and an esky! Seriously my favourite thing to do on New Years Eve.

The best thing about this as a Christmas gift is that it’s perfect for all summer long, I could imagine me on Christmas day after lunch, blowing it up in the backyard and using it as an air mattress as some younger sibling family member just stands there spraying a hose into the air and letting the cold water fall onto you…. the bliss… That or you’re lucky enough to have a pool for it’s intended use (which my family don’t!).

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

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