#9. BOJACK HORSEMANBojack-HorsemanI’ve always watched Bojack Horseman as the seasons come out. They’re smart, different, thought provoking and I love Will Arnett… especially in Hot Rodbabe, wait! babe!!! This season wasn’t as strong as the first but still very entertaining! 

#8. WOLF CREEKWolf-CreekA major surprise!!! I watched all of season 1 and got to the end thinking ‘wow, that was really shit. I have to watch the next season right now’ and luckily for me it had just come out! So grateful I did as the second season was soooo good and so much better than the first. Mick Taylor, played by John Jarratt is menacing and does such a great job as the villain we all avoid the Northern Territory because of.

#7. MODERN FAMILY Modern-FamilyI’ve heard that Modern Family has gone down hill since their first few seasons but maybe I’m just really easy to please because when I want to sit down and watch a lighthearted comedy I never get disappointed with Modern Family. I’d be lying if I said I never shed a tear here or there too.

#6. MASTER OF NONEMaster of NoneThere’s a reason Aziz won a Golden Globe for this show! It’s so entertaining and captivating. My boyfriend and I went to Italy shortly after this was released and it made our trip that much better because we felt the culture of Italy and Italian people through the first few episodes of this show.

#5. ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACKOrange is the New BlackYes, you have to watch the first 4 seasons before you see this one and maybe it’s my fascination with what goes on inside prisons but I loved the hell out of this season. It takes place over only a few days and it’s the funniest season yet.

#4. BROOKLYN NINE NINEBrooklyn-Nine-NineMy all time favourite comedy on TV right now! I love Andy Samberg, I think he’s a genius and this show really hits the mark for me with every episode. Would also be lying if I said I didn’t shed the odd tear… but that’s what makes a good show, when they have great character building and you get emotionally invested during their highs and lows.

#3. THE SINNERThe-SinnerThis show was ON POINT. Again, to go with my fascination of the criminal justice system this show wasn’t a who dunnit but more of a why did she do it. The trailer shows Cora Tanetti, played by Jessica Biel, a wife and mother who brutally murders a man on the beach in the middle of the day… so many answers to why and the season explores that amazingly.

2. STRANGER THINGSStranger-Things-Season2I’m sure if you’re reading this you have seen Stranger Things, if you haven’t… please allocate some time to your weekend to do so, it’s gonna be raining. I love Sci- Fi and my boyfriend doesn’t but he even loved this show. I liked season 2 more than season 1.

#1. GAME OF THRONESGame-of-ThronesAre we even surprised? I’m the girl who reads up after every episode, I read and watch every review, read and listen to every theory and discuss it in my Game of Thrones chat group on iMessage all week until the next episode comes out, repeat and then when the final episode is out I think that it’s the end of the world and there is no more reason for life until the next season is out. This season wasn’t the best one but it was a darn good one with some good eggs in there. The best part was dragons, so many dragons.

Let me know what your favourite tv shows were so I can check them out!

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