jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-skinfoods-somedayslovin jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-skinfoods-somedayslovin jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-skinfoods-somedayslovin jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-skinfoods-somedayslovinSkinfood Exfoliating Body Bar | Somedays Lovin Bikini

Since I was in my early teens my mum would take me into Myer or DJs and I’d stand around and watch her shop for hours for new face and skin products. Here I was forced to learn the fundamentals of cleanse, tone, moisturise …and repeat twice a day.

Since then I’ve never skipped a day, and I love taking care of the skin on my face and body regularly because if you don’t do it now it’ll show sooner rather than later… and I love the feeling of smooth skin and I’m obsessed with exfoliating!

So when I tried the Skinfood exfoliating body bar I thought it was completely genius. It’s the perfect ratio of lather and scrub and you don’t need a body brush or towel scrub. I’ve been following this up with the Skinfood body butter after the shower to really lock in the moisture. I couldn’t stress more how important it is to moisturise after your showers!

I haven’t photoshopped my skin at all in this post because I wanted to keep the article as genuine at possible and to show that I truly believe that giving your skin alot of attention is 100% necessary and I couldn’t recommend the products at Skinfood more for it.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

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