stylestalker-sol-sana-le-specsstylestalker-sol-sana-le-specsstylestalker-sol-sana-le-specsstylestalker-sol-sana-le-specsstylestalker-sol-sana-le-specsstylestalker-sol-sana-le-specsstylestalker-sol-sana-le-specsStylestalker Tee | Sol Sana Bella Boots (black here) | Leather Look SkirtMissguided Blazer | Grana Silk ShirtLe Specs Vertigo Sunglasses (U.S here) | Saint Laurent Clutch (black here)

If you know me well you’d know I have a weird obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ever since I watched Terminator & Terminator 2 when I was super little (yes, my parents didn’t really let age ratings get in the way of cinematic education) I was hooked. Shortly after that it was True Lies, then one of his more finer movies, Kindergarten Cop. What can’t this man do!?

In addition, as I studied my fashion design education it was inevitable I’d take a fondness to Karl Largerfeld, the creative director of Chanel and Fendi as well as his own label. This is a man that’s not only creative but a branding extraordinaire. Someone to really aspire to be like as fashion designer.

So not only am I freaking out over this tee because of my two worlds colliding it was my favourite look at Fashion Week because of it. Thank you Stylestalker hehe.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

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