fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-minkpink-beach fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-minkpink-beachfashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-minkpink-beachfashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-minkpink-beachfashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-minkpink-beachfashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-minkpink-beach fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-minkpink-beach fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-minkpink-beachGod Bless daylight savings, I don’t really care much for the getting up earlier part as I’m not a natural riser, but damn I love leaving work while there’s still daylight & feeling like you can still do stuff, even if you don’t actually do stuff. I feel like I’ve come out of hibernation, even though we didn’t even have a real winter.

To celebrate the extra hours of light this year I took out my new floral and lace MINKPINK bikini with matching shorts, so cute! sunnies also from MINKPINK.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

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