coffee-recycling-weekI wanted to talk about something I’m really passionate about, and that’s recycling. As I grow older I’ve become more conscientious about the environment and my own carbon footprint through unnecessary waste. I feel guilty contributing to so much of it, such as that extra napkin that just goes into the rubbish when it didn’t need to, the take away green juice I get down at Bondi in it’s plastic cup and plastic straw, forgetting to bring a green bag with me to the grocery store, all the take away containers of food I have, and worst of all the take away coffee cups which are not reusable or recyclable. That’s right. Did you know take away coffee cups are not recyclable?? There’s a thin plastic inside the paper to make it waterproof, so you need to chuck your cup into the rubbish or putting it into the recycling bin will contaminate the entire batch and all of it has to go into the bin!

Since working from home and only having to leave my office for events, meetings, and shoots, I’ve changed my habits and I always have a Nespresso coffee at home in the morning instead of going to a cafe for a take away one. Not only does it save me about $120 each month and is soo delicious, but best of all I’m not contributing to any waste because all of the capsules I use are recyclable. The almond milk cartons I use are also recyclable… Oh, and my Nespresso cups are all washable. Zero waste! I’m sooo proud of this shift and it really makes me more conscientious when I go out to cafes now.

coffee-recycling-weekThere are two ways I recycle my Nespresso Coffee Capsules:

1. I collect the used capsules in a little bin and pop them in a Nespresso prepaid return bag, then drop it into my closest red post box which is only 50 metres down the road from me.

2. I return them to my closest Nespresso store. I’m in between Bondi Junction and City store and I’m always walking past one every couple weeks at least.

If recycling or reducing waste is something you want to start thinking about in your daily life and you’re guilty of getting one or more take away coffee cups a day, I recommend you get a Nespresso machine for your home or work. I have an Essenza Mini and it’s sooo easy to use.

If you’re also guilty with take away foods, try eating at the cafe instead. If you have to get it take away, bring your own cutlery and don’t take their plastic forks and knives. If you order a cup of coffee or tea, sit down and enjoy it there instead of getting it to go; otherwise have a travel mug with you if you know you’re getting coffee or tea in a rush.

If you’re not sure what’s recyclable, please check here and don’t throw your capsules into the recycling bin at home because they’re too small for the industrial machines.

I hope we can all make a small conscientious effort today to minimise waste and recycle.

Jessie x

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