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I use beauty products every day of my life but I don’t tell you guys about them enough. Going into winter in Australia it’s nice to keep to fresh glow on your skin that you’re not getting from the sun and one of my fave brands I use day in and out is Pure Tan. Not only do their faux tanners give you a gorgeous glow but they apply really well and set really well so you’re not sitting in your bedroom or bathroom naked for hours for it to dry. Obviously I don’t fake tan everyday but I do use their Pure Tan 100% Pure Coconut Oil every single day all over my body, as a moisturiser replacement. It’s a great natural scent that applies soft and smooth and also helps with stretch marks and scars. I definitely recommend trying coconut oil!

For my hair I’ve been using the huge range from De Lorenzo. I only wash my hair once a week but use their Cherry Red Nova Fusion Shampoo to keep my colour bright. To get the beachy hair look you need to try De Lorenzo Ocean Mist Spray and De Lorenzo Dry Texture Spray after putting a little bit of texture in with a heat wand or curler. Of course if you’re applying heat to your hair you need to prime it with a heat protector spray – I recommend their argan oil heat spray.

Have fun, ladies! (and gents!)

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen


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