Jessie 18.12-38jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-sunseeker-floral jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-sunseeker-floral jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-sunseeker-floral jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-sunseeker-floraljessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-sunseeker-floralIt’s the first of January 2014 & I am so happy and I am also so confused at the same time as to where the last year went. I think the best thing that I did was started this blog, I’m proud that I got something off the ground that I was passionate about, believed in and could say this was my own creation. So thank you to all of my amazing readers who make this little fashion blog worth it.

I thought I’d celebrate in true style with a little summer bikini outfit because… I love Summer and I love bikinis. One piece suits are not just for the yummy mummies in this world anymore, they’re farshun and they’re totally rocking the season, don’t be afraid to go there. A simple white shirt also always makes you look effortless. In this outfit I’m wearing Elliatt shirt & Sunseeker one piece swimsuit.

Jessie xo

Photography by Wes Tan


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