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As a blogger you get approached to promote quite a few interesting things, some you like, some you ‘don’t mind’ and some you’re straight up ‘I really can’t see myself doing that… even though I want white teeth.’ That’s how I feel about at home teeth whiteners. It’s a known fact that whitening your teeth increases their sensitivity. I’m also the kind of person that if I smile towards the wind it gives my teeth a chill, chowing into chocolate hurts my chompers and don’t get me started on biting into ice cream… the thought alone hurts me from the inside out.

However, when the opportunity to whiten my regularly coffee stained teeth at Pitt Street Dental Centre using Philips Zoom Quickpro it became a real option. I raised my sensitive teeth concerns, and they gave me alternate options of which didn’t hurt one bit, but was just as effective.

I’ve attached some dodgy iphone pics that were unfiltered & unphotoshopped while at the dentist. The results are beyond me. Just sitting in the chair for about 20 minutes each visit has given my smile new life! I only had to visit the dentist twice and literally had no pain.

I learned that take-home whitening kits bought from dentists, specifically tailored to your needs will whiten your teeth over a period of time. However, the whitening kits you buy online or at supermarkets can cause alot of damage and are not effective! So don’t risk it and ruin your only set of teeth. Pitt Street Dental are experts in this field so you can trust them.

So if you, your family, your boyfriend or your hubby have been thinking about brightening your gnashers then give Pitt Street Dental Centre a call (02 9223 4767). You’ll also receive a special offer from them just by mentioning that you read this article! Pretty good deal if you ask me.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR FASHION AND SOUNDS READERS: Book Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed teeth whitening treatment (8 shades whiter) at a special price of $595 or Philips Zoom QuickPro booster treatment (4 shades whiter) at only $199 before 24th December and get a FULL dental examination including X-rays (bite-wing and x-rays, all valued at a bonus $155) PLUS a Dental Show Bag.

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