Just a few tunes I’m vibing…

The always amazing Haim – this music video is hilarious and OTT & I am down with that.

This KOL track brings me back to the Aha Shake Heartbreak album released almost 10 years ago now… they havn’t made anything like it since… Until now. I’m practically weeing my pants in anticipation to get my figurative hands on their new album.

Really digging the sounds of this totes trendy Aussie born artist that felt as though he needed to pack up and move to snow covered lands of Sweden to write music. Well, I’m glad he did because this song gives me a sense of euphoria, peace, sorrow and sadness all at once.

An oldie but a goodie – just an awesome tune and I like their collab with Urban Outfitters for the video.

I added this one because 1. It’s a good tune 2. It reminds me of this:

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