I don’t know about you but some days I really dress according to my mood, some days I’m all black, the next I’m in hot pink mixed with animal print on top of florals with electric blue heels – today I’m in an undefinable mood (maybe that’s a cop out cause I can’t think of one right now!) Black and white styling looks strong and although it is currently ‘trendy’, if you wear it well – it is a style, not a fleeting trend.

Both tops hand-me-downs from my old housemate when she moved out (bless), actually I think the shirt is from Yarra Trail (never dis a good men’s shirt!) denim cut offs by Wrangler, flats by Necessary clothing, small playa watch by Nixon, George Jensen necklace and Mimco chain bracelet.

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen

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