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If you like to be organised like me you would have started your Christmas shopping! Maybe it’s not so much organisation as it is excitement but nonetheless I have at least half of my gifts sorted! Woo! Sooo because of this I have decided to treat myself while walking around the shops by dropping into the Mid City Jurlique store for one of their 1 hour signature facials.

What I love most about the Jurlique facials is that it’s customised to your skin care concerns, a professional brush deeply cleanses the skin, boosts microcirculation and prepares your skin for the powerful professional-use only products. The best part is the relaxing neck, head and shoulder massage as well as an arm and hand exfoliation massage… bliss!

At the end of this session the beautician recommended I try the Jurlique Radiance Renewal 28 Day Programme at home. In it is 2 different moisturisers:

Step 1 – For the first 14 days, this lightweight, antioxidant rich lotion gently exfoliates to help even and renew skin tone and texture and assists with renewal of the skin.

Step 2 – For the last 14 days the luxurious cream smooths, protects and deeply replenishes the skin.

It’s been 28 days now, I only got a few breakouts right after the facial but this is normal whenever you get a facial but now my skin is so clear, it’s smooth and the skin tone is even! So putting on makeup is so easy and effortless because there isn’t any deep circles to deal with or unevenness in skin tone. Highly recommend giving it a try! Also, my bottles aren’t empty so I can go back to the program in 6 months and do it again!

But enough about my rambling – watch the video below if you don’t believe how relaxing this 1 hour signature facial is!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

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