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The first time I used Jurlique’s Softening Rose Body Lotion and Shower Gel I wasn’t sure, I was a little on the fence and I thought it smelt too strong and too ‘rosey’ but every time I had it on and I met up with friends (guys and girls) I would get soo many comments about what I’m wearing with everyone asking

“Why do you smell like a bouquet of roses!”

I was a little self-conscious

“Is it okay?” I asked

all they said was

“It’s amazing!”

as they proceeded to sniff my arms and legs. A different experience but nothing too weird when it’s your best friends haha.

From then on I embraced it knowing that these products were rich in organic botanicals, free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. When I use the Shower Gel it cleanses without leaving the skin feeling dry, keeps it smooth and hydrated which is really important if I don’t want to have moisturiser on my body while I’m working from home, I can tell it’s still hydrated & won’t crack.

What I love about the Body Lotion is that it easily absorbs into the skin, so I don’t have to allocate 5 minutes into rubbing a lot of lotion on my legs when I’m running out the door! It is so hydrating and as I mentioned, it smells divine!

If Rose isn’t your favourite scent they have so many other gorgeous options such as Lavender, Lemon, Geranium and Clary Sage, and Citrus which I’ll be using next!

Jessie x

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