bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikiniMissguided Mesh Bikini Set (white here) | Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tan

One of the big trends I’m seeing this upcoming summer season is the Active Swim Trend. Basically this means you can actually go swimming in the bikini and not just dive under a wave and emerge from said wave clutching your boobs because your straps have untied (true story). It means you can do a class of hot yoga or yoga on the beach then cool off with a swim. It means you can pair one of those cute tops in the slider below with your favourite leggings or shorts and hit the gym. Do you now see how these are both practical and cute?

Luckily for me I spent the weekend at The Sydney Harbour Marriott and they have a gorgeous indoor swimming pool – perfect for a winter swim, the water was sooo warm and it was completely empty! I also felt it neccesary to add a layer of my new Bondi Sands Liquid Gold tanner. The formula doesn’t feel as ‘heavy’ or ‘sticky’ as their foam or lotion but it’s not as moisturising and needs to be applied more liberally, but the results are gorgeous and even once you’ve got the application down pat. Hot Tip: Use a tanning mitt!!!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

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