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When you think of New York, you can’t help but see the classic images of yellow cabs and bustling activity. Even with the dynamism of a modern marvel like Times Square, you can still hear the crooning voice of Frank Sinatra echoing along the streets, solidifying the endless class of the city.

It’s why I love Brooklyn; that by stepping just a little out of the commercial city, you find this smorgasbord of artists and tastemakers around every corner. It’s as though everyone has suddenly been given permission to shed off the corporate worries of the city and express themselves in cool and different ways, but never quite forgetting what’s just beyond the Brooklyn Bridge.

I couldn’t think of a better outfit to show off this beautiful paradox; not just because of the American flag. The pullover has an old-school feel to it, with it’s high popped collars and an oversized fit. But with the crop, it creates an added edge to the look, polished off with these raw-edged shorts with letter print. The mix of old and new school is complete with the iconic Dr Martens to create this timeless look.

There’s nothing better than finding trendy pieces that still have a timeless feel to it like this outfit, which is why I love SHEIN. I’ve rarely gone wrong with their ever-expanding collection. From classic basics to trendy picks like these shorts and pullover, you’re bound to spend hours browsing through their collection online.

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Jessie x

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