kopper-zink-white-bikini-high-waistkopper-zink-white-bikini-high-waistkopper-zink-white-bikini-high-waistIt’s often the great paradox of travelling – you want to throw your cares in the air but don’t want to forsake care for your hair.

Particularly when travelling into a hot, tropical climate like Bali or the Australia coastline, the effect of the ever-present sun the thought of crazy hair that’s in and out of water and sun-bleached is enough to have your hair stand on end – and that’s not just talking about the humidity. The damage caused can be a nightmare but to care for your hair seems impossible without your suite of appliances.

But it’s not always beach, waves and beach waves every day in Australia, no matter what the tourism ads will say. You’re going in and out of water -whether at the beach, the pool or a cool, refreshing shower. You’re out in the sun, windswept on a boat, or tied up and out of the way amidst the heat. The weather can be unpredictable and it’s hard to ignore the effect of the hot summer sun on the skin or the hair. It’s why I always need the right tools to care for my hair and maintain a salon finish without having to get a blow out every day.

That’s where the Philips MoistureProtect hair dryer came in. It seems strange that in a hot climate that could actually dry my hair in an instant, I’d want to go blasting my hair with more hot air. But leaving your hair wet after a shower actually creates more damage, putting excessive pressure on your strands resulting in split ends.

But that’s what makes this hair dryer stand out. The Moisture Protect sensor actually preserves the natural hydration of the hair, automatically adapting to the temperature around it. It’s shown up to 85% moisture protection and I love the natural shine it’s given my hair since using it.

Whether I’m just blowdrying my hair at home or taking it with me on the road while I’m travelling, I know that the hairdryer will keep my hair in check. On my most recent trip to Bali and up the coast of NSW, I was armed well with my DryCare. Particularly when travelling into a hot, tropical climate like Bali, the damage caused can be a nightmare but to care for your hair seems impossible without your suite of appliances.

In fact, the hairdryer was all I needed. It was quick and easy to dry my hair after it was constantly getting wet from being in and out of the water.

But let’s face it. In summer, and particularly when you’re travelling, you don’t just want to care for your hair, you want it to look good. With six flexible speed and heat settings on the DryCare hair dryer, you can style your hair how you want it and enhance its natural shine.

Team it with your MoistureProtect Hair Straightener and we’re ready to go. It uses the same MoistureProtect sensor technology that regulates the heat going onto your hair. And, as the name rightly points out, you’ve got moisture preservation up to 57%.

When your hair is feeling the frizzy effects of the humidity or spending the whole day in a messy bun to alleviate the heat a little bit, a straightener is the best tool to get picture-perfect hair in 5 minutes. A few strokes with the straightener and it’s like you just stepped out of the salon. And you don’t feel so bad about jumping straight into the water again and ruining your hair if it only takes 5 minutes to do each time.

Summertime might come with all the usual reminders to slip slop and slap to protect your skin. But it’s also a good time to remember to take care of your hair. With the right tools and a little bit of time for self-care, you can get picture-perfect looks for some fun in the sun.

Jessie x


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