jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-unif-tiedye4 jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-unif-tiedye jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-unif-tiedye jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-unif-tiedyejessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-unif-tiedye jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-unif-tiedyejessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-unif-tiedyejessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-unif-tiedyeMy housemate & I had a few spare moments in our Saturday so we took a few snaps in the apartment. So to anyone who was interested in what it looks like from the inside – welcome – this is a house of ping pong, hammocks, disco balls, unnecessarily large spools, easels, music and coffee, lots of coffee.

Wearing Unif finger spiral, Peace & Love sunnies from Urban Outfitters, jellies by lipstick and 1&20 Blackbirds earrings both from The Iconic.

Jessie x

Photography by Gian Maria De Luca

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