jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-eviltwinjessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-eviltwin jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-eviltwin jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-eviltwinjessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-eviltwin jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-eviltwinAs the first week of this year I thought I’d share a few things I’d like to do more and less of for the next 360 or so days. More: Movies, reading, networking and generally being in nature. Less: Staying up late on youtube, wasting time, bad company and bad coffee.

In the same vain I really need to step up my fashion. I’m heading into my mid-twenties this year *small shiver* so I need to dress a little bit more ‘mature’. This look is black and white, that’s mature, right? The silhouette & print is still young & fun. Baby steps. I do the half tuck because I have short legs, so I don’t like making my torso look too long with the shirt out as it makes my legs look shorter than they are. Not cool. Tee from Evil Twin, shoes from Windsor Smith, shorts & sunnies from MinkPink. 

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan


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