jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-dariajessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-daria jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-daria jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-dariaI spent alot of my late 90s – early 00s coming home after school & watching Daria. I was chatting to Ryan as to why this emo, outcast & misfit character was so popular and I think it’s because she was so relatable. This show pretty much took the piss out of the popular kids and portrayed them as empty-headed boobies & jocks. Perhaps this gave confidence to the misfits of the world to have someone with wit & character to root for, it’s for the under-achievers who just liked a little bit of grunge, going to gigs and watching sick sad world.

Tee by Dimepeice & shorts are Hawks from One Teaspoon.

J x

Photography by Ryan Leaney

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