Ok, I know we like to give gifts… but wrapping is great because we get to take photos of it and instagram it and show off how much better we are at wrapping than everybody else, right?! RIGHT?! Below I have collated a few creative and different ways to wrap your gifts for Christmas, also remember this doesn’t have to end for the festive season this wrapping can be translated for birthdays, engagements, mother’s day or father’s day. Enjoy!

1) STARRY NIGHT BOXES Stellar gifts deserve a stellar presentation. These star-shaped boxes are sure to make an impact and make you the star in everyone’s eyes! 2-Star-Shaped-Boxes SEE FULL TUTORIAL >>

2) GOLDEN BOWS The secret to pulling off this beautiful, elegant masterpiece of a wrap is in the choice of materials! Thick, gold, satin ribbons are perfect for this look.3-Golden-BowSEE FULL TUTORIAL >>

3) SHARPIE MAGIC Shiny Sharpie shades come in very handy with the limitless crafty designs you can achieve with them. Here’s one quick and easy Sharpie Magic trick you can use for your gift wraps – with only black wrapping paper and twine strings needed! Get Metallic Sharpie in all three colours and you’re all set to get crafty!4-Black-and-Gold-Sharpie-Wrap SEE FULL TUTORIAL>>

4) FEATHER FLAIR It’s the gold-tipped feathers that make these designs so stunning to look at, you wouldn’t want to open these presents! 5A-Gold-Tipped-Feathers5B-Gold-Tipped-FeathersSEE FULL TUTORIAL >>

5) MARBLED WRAPS Swirling colours interlaced with touches of gold creates a mesmerizing look for this present wrap. Finish the look with a thin, elegant ribbon like Studio Carta’s Metallic Loose Weave Ribbon.6-Marbled-Wraps SEE FULL TUTORIAL>>

6) REINDEER BOXES Keep the Christmas spirit alive with these cute reindeer boxes. 7-Reindeer-Boxes SEE FULL TUTORIAL >>

7) CONE-SHAPED WRAPS No time to take an effort in wrapping things up? Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on cone gift wraps which you can easily modify to into different colours and patterns! 8-Cone-Wraps SEE FULL TUTORIAL>>

8) LEGO BLOCK BOXES It’s a fun and cute way to wrap the gifts for the kids! 12-Lego-Gift-Boxes SEE FULL TUTORIAL>>

9) FRUIT PACKS Perfect for the foodie or the health junkie friend! 13-Fruit-Gift-Boxes SEE FULL TUTORIAL>>

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