active-vans-glassons active-vans-glassons active-vans-glassons

Bonds Active Full Cotton Leggings | Bonds Pops Rib Bomber | Active Mesh Tank (black here) | Vans Old Skool Side Stripe | Black Beanie | Gold Bar Necklace

I’m not going to lie to you. I didn’t work out before or after these shots. I’ve been stupidly sick due to the unnecessarily huge drop in temperature & my body was a little in shock so I haven’t been able to work out this week unfortunately. I guess they call it winter weight for a reason *sad face*.

Nonetheless, I do LOVE this outfit. I have a few of these Bonds active mesh tanks and I can confirm they’re great for sweating in. The bomber is super light so it’s good to chuck on on your way to the gym and wear until you’re warm enough to show off the tank or bra top! There’s a matching one in the slider bar below which I also love. I’m not an overly colourful colour wearing person at the gym, the occasional colour pop in sneakers or crop top is okay but I am totally down with this monochrome sporty look any day of the week.

Do you prefer wearing brights colours or black, white & grey at the gym?

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

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