Shopping for Valentine’s Day has alway been a bit of a touchy subject for some… but I love to buy gifts so I say get lost and if I (or you if you’re reading this) want to buy a gift for your man than just do it. it’s nice. Sometimes buying gifts for men have always been one of life’s greatest struggles ever since a cute handmade card could no longer pass off as a good present for your dad, your crush or boyfriend, it’s hard to find something that toes the line between functional and sentimental that also doesn’t end up being the next pair of socks where one will get lost and the other will just sit on their own in the drawer forever.

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, the pressure is on to get the perfect gift for the S.O. and for whatever you’re looking, these are my tips:

Something New

Gifting experiences not only creates instant memories but also offers one of the most valuable gifts for someone else, your time. I love being able to share an experience with someone else and Red Balloon offers some of the craziest packages to spoil your special someone – from V8 Supercars to indulgent meals by the water or to my personal pick, seeing sharks in the wild. Not only do we get to spend time together doing something fun, but we’ll also get to do something a little bit different and hopefully learn a few skills we use in the future. AirBnb also host some very fun experiences – don’t forget to use my link if you sign up! It won’t cost you anything more.

Somewhere New

Over the summer my boyfriend and I hired out 4 different Airbnbs all over NSW and loved every experience, from the locations to the actual AirBnb experience of the hosts and their dogs. I have linked this one we stayed in Sun Valley but I also recommend going up and down the coast while it’s still warm.

Something Sweet

Valentine’s chocolates are pretty pedestrian – but if you’re going to get him chocolate, get him the best chocolate you can find – I recommend Haighs. My personal faves are the hazelnut praline.

Something They Don’t Know They Need

I know a lot of guys with UE Booms, but not any with a UE Boom 3 by Ultimate Ears – I have one of these bad boys and they’re a game changer. There is a button on the top which you can now skip the track and wow I can defiantly say that having this feature in the shower is a life saver.

Something Fashionable

Finally get him out of the thongs/ flip flops and into some slides, Birkinstocks are a good pick but I am also digging these ones from Saturdays NYC.

Something Sexy

Let’s be real, guys will rarely say “I don’t like that” to seeing you in a set from Honey Birdette. Don’t forget to add the suspenders into your cart too 😉

Something Different

A Keep Cup I bought my boyfriend one of these because sometimes guys care about the environment but are just too lazy to bother acting on it because, they’re boys. So if you give them a nudge in the right direction and make them feeling guilty about the pollution they’re contributing to (assuming they don’t have one) they’re going to start using the keep cup and feel good about helping the environment one cup of coffee at a time. It’s a win for all!

Something Practical

Guys always feel sexy in Calvin Klein underwear *insert shrug emoji*

Also Beard oil… I don’t know what it is or does but all of my friends with beards love it? This Tom Ford one is super popular and this one from The Groomed Man sounds nice because it’s less oil and more balm, and minty

Oh and Adam if you’re reading thing – your present is not on this list 😉 See you Thursday x

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