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fashion-and-sounds-bali-jessie-khoo fashion-and-sounds-bali-jessie-khooAdairs Towel fashion-and-sounds-bali-jessie-khoo fashion-and-sounds-bali-jessie-khoo fashion-and-sounds-bali-jessie-khooCantik Bikini fashion-and-sounds-bali-jessie-khooA Brand Shorts


Last week I got the opportunity to go to Bali with 4 other amazing bloggers and the A Brand team. The experience was incredible, the weather was perfect and the girls made the whole trip the best weekend getaway ever.

From in-house massages, warm oceans, endless tacos and margaritas I think Bali is a stunning location to travel to if you’re not looking to fork out heaps of cash and experience the beautiful Indonesian culture. I undoubtedly will be heading back to this destination to see more of the landscapes and to try more of the delicious food!

Jessie x


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