bondi-sandsABAD x Missguided Bandage Ladder Trim Bikini | Bondi Sands Liquid Gold

Undefinably I’m easily obsessed with bikinis and this one is right up there. It’s so unique because it’s very different to your nylon, neoprene and crochet bikini. It’s knitted and basically the Herve Leger of bikinis. It’s that type of bodycon knit you used to wear.

I had to top up my winter skin with this new Bondi Sands liquid told tanner which seems to be a faster drying formula to their other mouses and lotions I’ve tried. So far so good but the colour doesn’t seem to be as deep as the other two. Perhaps with another layer or just being more generous I could have achieved that effect.

Let me know if you’d like me to do a sunless tan review on YouTube of all the brands I’ve tried to help guide you to the best choice for you!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

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