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Ecosa Mattress Review

Processed with VSCO with c4 preset Why did I get Ecosa?
I was on the search for a new mattress for a long while before I decided to go with the Ecosa mattress. I chose to go with this one because it’s made of natural latex which is excellent because it’s apparently good for your spine, as well as being supportive and bouncy. This is the first time I’ve had a mattress that didn’t have springs, but the last one I did have was on it’s last legs (so to speak) and I could start to feel the springs through the mattress and that totally sucked so I opted for this option.

How was delivery?
The delivery process was awesome. I loved that it came in a box and all I had to do was take it out of the box! you can see the video below. The only downside is that the handle broke off the box so I needed to get help lifting it up my flight of stairs otherwise I would have been able to do it myself as there are wheels on the box.

How is it?
Honestly, the day after my first night was bad, my back was sore because it’s so much softer than I was used to (from my springy, hard old mattress) and I thought I had made the wrong choice! After a few nights of sleep I definitely got used to it. I no longer feel like it’s too soft when I sleep and I don’t get disturbed when my partner sleeps over and rolls around, or gets up and off the bed in the middle of the night the way I get woken up every time on his spring mattress.

Is it worth the money? 
After all the research I did with some mattresses going going upwards of $15k! I thought that the price of $1,099 was amazing considering you can return it after 100 nights if for some reason you don’t get used to it after over 3 months! and it has 15 years warranty! A mattress is something you invest in for years as it’s something you use every singe night!

Can I Keep These New Year’s Resolutions

I posted this video a week and a half ago – So far I’ve upload one other video, seen no movies in the cinema (only because there’s nothing good out) and I’ve worked on my core at the gym a few times but I need to go to something more substantial such as a pilates class. So far so good but I’ll have to check in again in another month haha.

How I edit my bikini pics in photoshop

Hi Guys, I uploaded my first ever YouTube video! this is a milestone for me because I’ve been saying I’m gonna do YouTube for years and there’s no better time than now.

So this is how much I edit my pics in photoshop – I don’t go overboard with the editing and I might occasionally put a light filter over the pic when it’s on my phone in VSCO if it will fit my feed better.

I’m definitely not a graphic designer or retoucher!

Hope you enjoy and learn something.

Jessie x