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Khaki Safari

simmi-shoes-abrandjeans-lespecs simmi-shoes-abrandjeans-lespecs simmi-shoes-abrandjeans-lespecs simmi-shoes-abrandjeans-lespecs Mink Pink Attention Shirt | Black Denim Shorts | Le Specs Vertigo | Balanciaga Bag | Simmi Shoes ON SALE NOW

Khaki olive is just one of those colours we need to have in our wardrobes. If you’re not a huge colour person like me, but want to introduce some into your outfits you need to invest in khaki. It’s subtle and there’s a reason why it’s the base colour of all army and military uniforms. It’s meant to blend in and it’s not an in your face colour or a colour that goes out of style.

I’ve matched it back with black denim because I didn’t want to be too colourful pairing it with blue or navy denim (lol). I do find that when I wear blue denim it’s always with a white, grey or black top. Not intentional, but kind of intentional. I just like investing in staple colours! Sue me

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Coffee Game Strong

francesca francesca francesca Delphine Empress Bustier | Francesca Necklace | Leather Look SkirtBoohoo Heels

I’m going to go ahead and say it’s totally fine to go out for a pre-coffee drink before actual drinks. Anyone that knows me knows that a few drinks send me straight to nap-ville so I don’t mind a sneaky espresso before I go out hahah.

In this look I’m wearing the gorgeous bustier with sleeves that drape down the arm paired with a high waisted leather look mini skirt. As usual I’m wearing lace up booties and as usual a lot of it (all of it) is black.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Where to hang out like a local in Bondi

bikini-bondi bikini-bondi bikini-bondi bikini-bondi bikini-bondi Camilla Double Strap Bikini ON SALE NOW | Le Specs Sunglasses (gold here)

As a born and raised Sydney girl I thought I’d take you to one of Sydney’s most popular destinations in Bondi that isn’t Icebergs. Where else other than North Bondi would be more fitting to shoot a Camilla bikini? Her flagship store is just a stone throw away up the road so I had to pay homage. Okay, yeah… so north Bondi’s pool is a little dingy-er than south Bondi’s cleaned one a week, white floored pool but it has more to do, more to explore, more character, more characters (locals) whereas the tourists will generally be in the middle to the south.

So if ever you’re visiting Bondi, come visit the north end, take a walk/ swim around the corner of the pool onto the rocks, walk up to the edge of the cliffs for the view, there’s more culture and the cafes are better – check out Porch and Parlour, Bondi Wholefoods, Harry’s or Shuk if you want a killer meal or coffee.

Jessie x

Photography by Scott Lowe

Checking In

one-teaspoon one-teaspoon one-teaspoon one-teaspoon

Calvin Klein Sweatshirt | One Teaspoon Shorts (also here) | Converse Chuck Taylor

There’s nothing cosier than a fleecy pullover in winter. Working from home I live in them everyday & why wouldn’t I stock on on something I wear 7 days a week! hahah

Just checking in on this weekend edit and giving you the low-down on what’s been happening. I’ve officially moved into full time blogging (yay!) as well as creating content and still designing freelance. I set up a cute studio in my home (apartment) and despite all the extra hours I’m getting to work on the blog I still find myself working 7 days a week. How?? I guess the reality with blogging is that social media never turns off so you can’t either.

I do occasionally let myself have social media detox days where I don’t post or check instagram or any outlet I can’t be bothered with as it just de-stresses me and clears my head. Something that everyone who’s addicted to social media should do every so often.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

How to Winter Pastels

la-moda-nude-lucy-saint-laurent-ysl la-moda-nude-lucy-saint-laurent-ysl la-moda-nude-lucy-saint-laurent-ysl la-moda-nude-lucy-saint-laurent-ysl The Fifth The Movement Coat Grey Marle | The Fifth Wanderlust ShortNude Lucy Knit | Grana Silk Shirt | Saint Laurent Bag | La Moda Sunglasses | La Moda Shoes

I love mixing pastels into the winter mix, if you’re not overly sold on baby pink or lavender than blue/ grey is a fantastic alternative. The colour of these blue grey boots are perfect for the knit and coat. I just added the softness of the pink shorts instead of using black or denim and then added the white collar to prep up the look. I didn’t want the shorts to look too out of place so I wore these cute, rose tinted sunnies… a wardrobe staple is you ask me.

Jessie x

Photography by Ashley Shuberg

Blaze It

abrandjeans-ysl-saint-laurent-lespecs abrandjeans-ysl-saint-laurent-lespecs abrandjeans-ysl-saint-laurent-lespecs abrandjeans-ysl-saint-laurent-lespecs abrandjeans-ysl-saint-laurent-lespecs abrandjeans-ysl-saint-laurent-lespecs Nude Lucy Tee (similar here) | A Brand Jeans | Saint Laurent Nano Sac Du JourAugust Street Best Be Believing BlazerBoohoo Shoes | The Essential Supply Belt | Le Specs Poolside Punk Sunglasses | Samantha Wills Earrings | THP Bangle and Rings | The Fifth Watch

I’m in love with this monochrome look, the salt and pepper flecks in the blazer gives depth over the marle grey tee and busted knees of the denim. All of my accessories are black to keep it grunge and ~cool~

Hot Tip* to add depth to your monochrome outfits look for texture like marles, faux furs and knits. This also assists when your monochrome colours don’t perfectly match, it looks ‘intentional’ haha.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

White and Grey

a-brand-jeans-le-specs-saint-laurent a-brand-jeans-le-specs-saint-laurent a-brand-jeans-le-specs-saint-laurent a-brand-jeans-le-specs-saint-laurent a-brand-jeans-le-specs-saint-laurent The Fifth The Movement Coat | The Fifth Stay Golden Knit | A Brand Jeans | Saint Laurent Nano Sac Du JourLe Specs Le Debutante Sunglasses | Missguided Barely There Strappy Heels | Neck Choker

So I’m thinking I have a penchant for all white covered in grey with hints of black as seen in my other post here. At least I’m consistent? I love this look, it’s so simple and effective. I don’t know why but white jeans always seem to turn heads. Invest in a pair but I warn you DO NOT wear them over a fake tan. smh.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan


mlm-solsana-nude-lucy-le-specs mlm-solsana-nude-lucy-le-specs jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-neuw3 mlm-solsana-nude-lucy-le-specs Nude Lucy Serpentine Half Sleeve Top | Neuw Berlin Leather Jacket | MLM shorts (similar here)| Badana | Le Specs Le Debutant Sunglasses | Sol Sana Lori BootsThe Essential Supply Belt | Samantha Wills Earrings | THP Bangle and Rings

If you saw my snapchat last week I mentioned I had been a little MIA because I was stressed & overwhelmed with life. It wasn’t a cry for attention more than me wanting to let everyone know the reality of things for me in the last week because sometimes our fave celebrities & bloggers put out all of the amazing parts of their life on social media but you never really see their insecurities or personal issues, we’re all human after all.

So in light of this I had to get out of the city and clear my head. We shot this look literally at the edge of the world. This is my fave new outfit, the heaviness in this leather jacket is amazing, and paired with these boots it’s so lit! Under it I’m wearing a basic jersey tee and shorts which was a colour match made in heaven because it looks like a cute romper.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Summer Solstice with Samantha Wills

fashion-sunglasses-rebel-stone fashion-sunglasses-rebel-stone fashion-sunglasses-rebel-stone fashion-sunglasses-rebel-stone fashion-sunglasses-rebel-stone Samantha Wills Drew Sunglasses Rose Gold | Rebel & Stone High Tide Swimsuit | Rebel & Stone Downtown Button Up | Sol Sana Lori Boots | Samantha Wills Earrings | Samantha Wills Double Ring Set fashion-sunglasses-august-street fashion-sunglasses-balenciaga fashion-sunglasses-balenciaga Samantha Wills Luxe Sunglasses Black | Balenciaga Canvas Cross Body Bag (also here) | August Street Blithe Shirt | Lee Jeans Skirt (also here) | Samantha Wills Bohemian Bardot Ring | Eastern Dream Necklace fashion-sunglasses-forever-new fashion-sunglasses-forever-new fashion-sunglasses-forever-new fashion-sunglasses-forever-new fashion-sunglasses-forever-new Samantha Wills Drew Sunglasses Black | Forever New Lena Maxi Coat | Premonition Dress | Sol Sana Lori Boots | Samantha Wills Earrings | Samantha Wills Twilight Wish Ring Set | Samantha Wills Double Ring Set

Nearing the end of Summer it’s been a weird one for us here down in Aus, we have coat weather days and bikini weather days one after the other. Luckily Sunglasses never go out of style and they bid well to summer and winter irrespectively. So Scott and I shot this series with Samantha Wills because we love her new range of sunglasses & wanted to showcase how easily they are to style Summer to Winter.

Jessie x

Photography by Scott Lowe

A Different Type of Tan

missguided-sunday-somewhere-thigh-high-boots-camel-tan missguided-sunday-somewhere-thigh-high-boots-camel-tan missguided-sunday-somewhere-thigh-high-boots-camel-tan missguided-sunday-somewhere-thigh-high-boots-camel-tan missguided-sunday-somewhere-thigh-high-boots-camel-tan missguided-sunday-somewhere-thigh-high-boots-camel-tan
missguided-sunday-somewhere-thigh-high-boots-camel-tan Missguided Chunky Wrap Around Tunic | Bardot Mini Skirt (similar herehere)| Tony Bianco Bono Over The Knee BootsSunday Somewhere Valentine Sunnies (black here) | Samantha Wills Earrings

As summer wraps up my natural tan is fading and I’m wearing more and more layers so putting on fake tan is a little useless. However, true to form and my unending love of tan I’ve gone head to toe in my fave colour of the season, tan, or camel…. whatever it wants to be.

A big trend this season is layering with the same tones so monochrome all grey, all tan, or all olive etc. I love this type of look because it’s so luxe and makes you feel like you’ve just stepped off a runway. <Insert sunglass face emoji>

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen