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OTK Slay

winona-xoboutique winona-xoboutique winona-xoboutique Tony Bianco Ariette Boots | Winona Aura Dress

If you’ve been following my blog or insta for a while you’ll be well aware that my style is made up of sneakers, boots and over the knee (OTK) boots. As a self-appointed ambassador I’d like to extend to you an invitation to join the very sexy OTK boots club if you aren’t already in it. I often get told I have too much confidence for my own good and I even need to dial it down a little. But I’m not ‘too confident’ in a cocky way… I just think that when girls wear OTK boots it gives them an instant ‘look’ about them as though they don’t care about what anyone thinks because they’re slaying the sidewalks! That and they can be fashionable and warm at the same time (lol). In addition, OTK boots are leaps and bounds more comfortable than any other heels. Case and point.

Jessie x

Photography by Kate Boissett

Is Active Swim In?

bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikini bondi-sands-bikini Missguided Mesh Bikini Set (white here) | Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Tan

One of the big trends I’m seeing this upcoming summer season is the Active Swim Trend. Basically this means you can actually go swimming in the bikini and not just dive under a wave and emerge from said wave clutching your boobs because your straps have untied (true story). It means you can do a class of hot yoga or yoga on the beach then cool off with a swim. It means you can pair one of those cute tops in the slider below with your favourite leggings or shorts and hit the gym. Do you now see how these are both practical and cute?

Luckily for me I spent the weekend at The Sydney Harbour Marriott and they have a gorgeous indoor swimming pool – perfect for a winter swim, the water was sooo warm and it was completely empty! I also felt it neccesary to add a layer of my new Bondi Sands Liquid Gold tanner. The formula doesn’t feel as ‘heavy’ or ‘sticky’ as their foam or lotion but it’s not as moisturising and needs to be applied more liberally, but the results are gorgeous and even once you’ve got the application down pat. Hot Tip: Use a tanning mitt!!!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Everyday Outfit

balenciaga balenciaga balenciaga balenciaga Black Denim Jacket | Black Denim Shorts | Chambray Shirt | Western Belt | Marc Bale Watch | Balenciaga Bag | Owndays Sunglasses

It’s easy to jazz up a simple, casual outfit like a shirt and denim jacket. What I’ve done is pulled up the collar, cuffed up with jacket sleeves twice, pushed the sleeves up a little and tugged out the chambray shirt from underneath. Note* I didn’t roll the chambray shirt cuff up. This is to avoid too much bulkiness. I didn’t want the shirt to be fully tucked in because it looked too top heavy with the oversized ‘boyfriend’ jacket so I did a half tuck with one half of the shirt which frames and separates the black jacket and denim shorts nicely. Add little black boots and hey you’ve got a simple, casual outfit that anyone can pull off!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Khaki Safari

simmi-shoes-abrandjeans-lespecs simmi-shoes-abrandjeans-lespecs simmi-shoes-abrandjeans-lespecs simmi-shoes-abrandjeans-lespecs Mink Pink Attention Shirt | Black Denim Shorts | Le Specs Vertigo | Balanciaga Bag | Simmi Shoes ON SALE NOW

Khaki olive is just one of those colours we need to have in our wardrobes. If you’re not a huge colour person like me, but want to introduce some into your outfits you need to invest in khaki. It’s subtle and there’s a reason why it’s the base colour of all army and military uniforms. It’s meant to blend in and it’s not an in your face colour or a colour that goes out of style.

I’ve matched it back with black denim because I didn’t want to be too colourful pairing it with blue or navy denim (lol). I do find that when I wear blue denim it’s always with a white, grey or black top. Not intentional, but kind of intentional. I just like investing in staple colours! Sue me

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Shop all the best Crochet bikinis

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-crochet-bikini jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-crochet-bikini1 jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-crochet-bikini2 jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-crochet-bikini3 jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-crochet-bikini4

After I posted this bikini photo on my instagram earlier this year, I saw the reaction it got and I immediately knew that crochet bikinis were and are still a big thing. The ones I am wearing here are actually a custom size made to fit my measurements (ahh-mazing!) as my size isn’t particularly commercial. So if you’re a little bit bigger, or smaller, or completely normal then check out Lost Culture. There’s no way you can’t find a bikini that wouldn’t suit you!
Below are some other crochet bikini options which I also recommend.

Are you going to be adding crochet bikinis to your ‘summer must haves’ list?

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Where to hang out like a local in Bondi

bikini-bondi bikini-bondi bikini-bondi bikini-bondi bikini-bondi Camilla Double Strap Bikini ON SALE NOW | Le Specs Sunglasses (gold here)

As a born and raised Sydney girl I thought I’d take you to one of Sydney’s most popular destinations in Bondi that isn’t Icebergs. Where else other than North Bondi would be more fitting to shoot a Camilla bikini? Her flagship store is just a stone throw away up the road so I had to pay homage. Okay, yeah… so north Bondi’s pool is a little dingy-er than south Bondi’s cleaned one a week, white floored pool but it has more to do, more to explore, more character, more characters (locals) whereas the tourists will generally be in the middle to the south.

So if ever you’re visiting Bondi, come visit the north end, take a walk/ swim around the corner of the pool onto the rocks, walk up to the edge of the cliffs for the view, there’s more culture and the cafes are better – check out Porch and Parlour, Bondi Wholefoods, Harry’s or Shuk if you want a killer meal or coffee.

Jessie x

Photography by Scott Lowe

Grey, black and more black

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-chanel jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-chanel jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-chanel Glassons Wool Blend Pea Coat | Ribbed Bodycon DressLamoda Boots (similar here) | Chanel Bag

I’ve gotten so much wear out of this salt and pepper coat and undeniably my favourite colour to match back to it is of course black and more black. I’m also obsessing over these OTK lace up boots as well and I’ve found so many ways to style them.

1. Like so with a hitched up bodycon ribbed knit dress & mid-length pea coat

2. A thigh high split midi skirt, tee & short coat or jacket

3. With shorts, knit top and a long coat

And they’re surprisingly warm! Like all OTK boots I guess.

Jessie x

Photography by Ashley Shuberg

How to Winter Pastels

la-moda-nude-lucy-saint-laurent-ysl la-moda-nude-lucy-saint-laurent-ysl la-moda-nude-lucy-saint-laurent-ysl la-moda-nude-lucy-saint-laurent-ysl The Fifth The Movement Coat Grey Marle | The Fifth Wanderlust ShortNude Lucy Knit | Grana Silk Shirt | Saint Laurent Bag | La Moda Sunglasses | La Moda Shoes

I love mixing pastels into the winter mix, if you’re not overly sold on baby pink or lavender than blue/ grey is a fantastic alternative. The colour of these blue grey boots are perfect for the knit and coat. I just added the softness of the pink shorts instead of using black or denim and then added the white collar to prep up the look. I didn’t want the shorts to look too out of place so I wore these cute, rose tinted sunnies… a wardrobe staple is you ask me.

Jessie x

Photography by Ashley Shuberg

My Schwarzenegger Largerfeld Love Affair

stylestalker-sol-sana-le-specs stylestalker-sol-sana-le-specs stylestalker-sol-sana-le-specs stylestalker-sol-sana-le-specs stylestalker-sol-sana-le-specs stylestalker-sol-sana-le-specs stylestalker-sol-sana-le-specs Stylestalker Tee | Sol Sana Bella Boots (black here) | Leather Look SkirtMissguided Blazer | Grana Silk ShirtLe Specs Vertigo Sunglasses (U.S here) | Saint Laurent Clutch (black here)

If you know me well you’d know I have a weird obsession with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Ever since I watched Terminator & Terminator 2 when I was super little (yes, my parents didn’t really let age ratings get in the way of cinematic education) I was hooked. Shortly after that it was True Lies, then one of his more finer movies, Kindergarten Cop. What can’t this man do!?

In addition, as I studied my fashion design education it was inevitable I’d take a fondness to Karl Largerfeld, the creative director of Chanel and Fendi as well as his own label. This is a man that’s not only creative but a branding extraordinaire. Someone to really aspire to be like as fashion designer.

So not only am I freaking out over this tee because of my two worlds colliding it was my favourite look at Fashion Week because of it. Thank you Stylestalker hehe.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

How to wear nude without it washing you out

glassons-sunday-somewhere glassons-sunday-somewhere glassons-sunday-somewhere glassons-sunday-somewhere glassons-sunday-somewhere glassons-sunday-somewhere Forever New Lena Coat ON SALE NOW | Glassons Merino Top | The Fable Shirt (layered under) | Leather Look Mini Skirt (similar here) | Tony Bianco Boots | Sunday Somewhere Sunnies | The Essential Supply Belt | Trezoro Ring

Okay so this is more of a camel colour, but on me & my tan I’m going to say it counts as nude. A lot of people avoid the nude tones because it says it washes them out. So to avoid this I’d say break it up with white and black tones or even other colours. Avoid the nude colour tones right under the face like turtle necks or tees so it doesn’t fight with your face if it doesn’t suit you, or if you don’t like it.

I’ve worn nude head to toe before but I get that it’s not everybody’s jam so this is a much easier way to integrate the beautiful colour tone into your wardrobe without compromising your complexion. Another baby step is camel, it’s generally the darker tone to nude and it borderlines tan, it’s the ‘it’ colour for winter this season so you don’t want to miss out!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan