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Saucin’ on you

sheike-blush sheike-blush sheike-blush sheike-blush sheike-blush Glassons Dress | Glassons Skirt | RMK Heels | Sheike Necklace | Sheike Bag | Samantha Wills Wildfox Bracelet | Barney Martin Hair

I’m in love with the drapey blush-ness of this dress. The side splits and balloon sleeves give the simple tunic style that added detail. I have layered it over a light pink leather look mini skirt so the wind doesn’t blow it between your legs since the fabric is so soft (you know what I mean, right?) as well as giving it that contrast, and hey, I’ll take any warmth I can get… it’s winter after all.

I’m loving all the accessories from the long line necklace to the laser cut out clutch, strappy heels and gemstone chain bracelet. And my hair has had a nice little re-vamp from Barney Martin hair team! It’s creamier and blonder and softer and stronger. I’d definitely recommend their services if you’re on the hunt for a new hairdresser :)

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Blush and Lace Trend

storets-blush storets-blush storets-blush storets-blush storets-blush storets-blush Sheike Lace Sleeve Blazer | Sheike Utility Vest | Storets Jeans | Mollini Boots | Sheike Earrings

I’m not a huge bohemian style dresser but I have a deep appreciation for lace and it’s intricacy, so when I saw this lace sleeved double breasted blazer I fell in love and yes, had to have it. It’s a beautiful mix of chic style and tailoring. I’ve layered it under a blush double breasted sleeveless coat because #winterishere and wore my blush boots and white jeans just to look like a trendy, walking bag of marshmellows. I highlighted the accents on the coat with rose gold earrings and rings as I try not to mix my metals too much as I like to keep things minimal since the statement jewelry is already alot.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan 

How to nail your first date with a girl who is successful

jumpsuit-balenciaga balenciaga balenciaga balenciaga Sheike Jumpsuit | Balenciaga Bag | Lace Up Booties | THP Shop Earrings

So you’ve finally convinced the super banging girl of your dreams to go on a date with you, maybe she’s not even the girl of your dreams yet but top 10 in your 60 matches on Tinder. So how do you nail that first date? Read on…

1. Have a list of restaurants/ cafes/ places to take her. If she says she’s not picky, it means she wants you to make the decision. There’s something sexy about a guy who can make decisions because this girl is probably making decisions all day in her own life and her job. It’s nice for someone to take the weight off once in a while.

2. Don’t be late - If you’re prone to being late to things then aim to be early. If you think it’ll come off as cool and nonchalant rocking up late, it’s not. This girl has taken time out of her busy schedule to meet you so don’t waste it, she’s organised and she’ll feel respected if you arrive early/ on time. First impressions count!

3. She’ll like it more if you book a table instead of just rocking up to a venue and hoping they have a spot & waiting around for 30 minutes. It shows you’re organised & thoughtful. Obviously coffee or lunch would be a different situation.

4. Don’t mention how much you’ve stalked her on social - you might think it’s cute and endearing and she’ll love the attention but it kind of just comes across as creepy. (Even though she’s probably done the same to you.)

5. Stay off your phone - There’s nothing more rude than someone texting or checking their phone while at dinner. Not even on a first date but any date, even friend dates.

6. Eye contact and lots of questions – I know how hard it must be not to let your eyes slip and go south of the lips “but she’s wearing that low cut top, obviously she wants me to look?!” No, she doesn’t. You look like a creep.

7. Pay – Maybe I’m old school but there’s something chivalrous about a guy who doesn’t expect you to pay for half the meal… unless of course the date sucked! Girls love guys who are generous.

8. Walk or drive her home - this shows you want to end the date on a good note, that you care if she gets home safely and you want to spend those extra few minutes with her.

9. Don’t ask to go back to her place – that’s also just creepy, unless she suggests it, then do not bring it up.

10. Kiss her – Don’t be a pussy. This is where the fireworks happen! Unless the date was a failure and there was no chemistry, then don’t kiss her, or unless you met up for coffee and its midday then yeah don’t kiss her in broad daylight – that will be awkward and there will be people around. No to PDA!

11. Text her by lunchtime the next day - if you text her that night you run the risk of looking too keen and desperate, keep her interested, but five days or even 24 hours is too long. She wants to know you really like her and that you’ve been thinking about her.

Good luck, guys and happy dating!

Jessie x

Photography by Laurie

Thigh High

missguided-jeans-denim-oscar-wylee missguided-jeans-denim-oscar-wylee missguided-jeans-denim-oscar-wylee missguided-jeans-denim-oscar-wylee missguided-jeans-denim-oscar-wylee Sheike Fortune Coat | Missguided Knit ON SALE NOW | Tony Bianco Bono Camel Suede Boots | Wrangler Jeans | Reuben Ray Watch | Oscar Wylee Sunnies | THP The Pin Earrings | Samantha Wills Rings

One of my favourite ways to wear OTK (over the knee) boots is by layering them over skinny jeans. It’s chic and it keeps you damn warm. I’ve opted for camel OTKs over the standard black because it’s fun to mix up the wardrobe a bit and I already have two pairs of black OTK boots, heeled and flat – coincidentally both also from Tony Bianco because I can trust their quality! So dare to mix up the colours in your shoe wardrobe this year and move away from the black or black or black options we always go for. It’ll instantly up for fashion game, promise.

Jessie x

Photography by Laurie