Sounds I Recommend You Hear

New(ish) Kanye!! But I’m grateful he’s put track on spotify and a music video on youtube. I love this track because it takes me back to 808s & Heartbreak (a killer album you need to listen to if you haven’t). This track is written from the perspective of his late mother to him and dedicated to his daughter, Nori (of which has THE biggest swag of any toddler, ever). The video is directed by Her’s Spike Jones and is raw and real. I love the layers between his auto-tune and his actual vocals at about 2.00 with the fade back into the chorus. My god. I’m swooning.

If you listen to the lyrics of this song – you’ll immediate relate. If you’re a girl. Or a guy. Or a human whose fallen for someone who hasn’t quite reciprocated then yes the heart strings will be tugged like a Taylor Swift album right after a break up. But whatever, if you’re lucky enough to never be rejected then the bass, the falsetto and catchy clicks should have you shimmying your shoulders. Otherwise you are indeed, a robot.

World’s colliding!! My fave girl Taylor Swift with my other fave situation – sexy black guys with English accents and gorgeous deep raspy vocals. What a vibe. Not only is the situation a good thing but the arrangement is perfect from the brass to the electric drums and Labrinth kills it in every way.

Not an official video but this guy, Jarryd James, is fairly new on the Aussie scene and I have the feels he’s going somewhere.

Jessie x

  • Zarrah Jane

    I love that Shake it Off cover :)

    • Jessie Khoo

      Me too!! isn’t it amazing