More Songs You Need To Hear

Hey all, from time to time I like to share with you what I’ve been listening to lately, what I’ve found that’s new (or old), what’s on repeat and why.

Grimes – REALiTi
Grimes had an amazing album in 2012 and completely scrapped her latest album because she thought it was too ‘depressing’ however this gem was released online and got a great reaction from fans and such so hopefully we can hear a whole album along this vein because it’s amazing.

Susanne Sundfor – Fade Away
My God this song gives me so many feels. If you’ve ever been with someone and just naturally drifted apart, yet always gravitating back to each other even though you know it isn’t right then this is so relatable. The idea of forcing a relationship to fade away is the saddest concept but often the most necessary.

George Maple – Talk Talk
I got to see this girl perform at a very intimate show for Rekorderlig and not only was her performance and voice hell strong but her presence and music was second to none. I hope to see more of this chick!

Death Cab For Cutie – Black Sun
Well well well my favourite band of all time is back and depressing as ever. Thank you Ben G for your divorce to bring us all heart wrenching songs to break up to <insert tear face emoji here>

Paramore – Hate To See Your Heart Break
This song isn’t new but this band has grown and evolved and I really commend that and their whole playlist has been on repeat for me. Hate to see your heart break is an emotive song about getting hurt and the reminder that hearts can heal in time.

United – Touch The Sky
To round this all off I’m sharing with you something that’s very close to my heart. “I found my life when I laid it down”. A constant reminder that this life isn’t all about just yourself and if you’re living for someone/ something more than yourself, you’ve got something worth living for. Too much of me me me gets exhausting and lonely.