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Can I Keep These New Year’s Resolutions

I posted this video a week and a half ago – So far I’ve upload one other video, seen no movies in the cinema (only because there’s nothing good out) and I’ve worked on my core at the gym a few times but I need to go to something more substantial such as a pilates class. So far so good but I’ll have to check in again in another month haha.

How I edit my bikini pics in photoshop

Hi Guys, I uploaded my first ever YouTube video! this is a milestone for me because I’ve been saying I’m gonna do YouTube for years and there’s no better time than now.

So this is how much I edit my pics in photoshop – I don’t go overboard with the editing and I might occasionally put a light filter over the pic when it’s on my phone in VSCO if it will fit my feed better.

I’m definitely not a graphic designer or retoucher!

Hope you enjoy and learn something.

Jessie x

Shop Indie

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-pitchi I came across this cute site called Pitchi. It’s a new platform for entrepreneurs to sell their unique items with a short film. This helps connect buyers to their sellers via a medium which isn’t explored enough yet in the way of e-commerce. What a new and exciting way to shop! Check out some of my faves below which I’ll be buying for my friends and family over Christmas.

Jessie x

Non-stick sand beach towel

Leather bound, refillable, hand made journal

Recycled, hand loomed Moroccan rugs

Hand made, unique designed bench

Market HQ x MBFF

jessiekhoo-mbff-fashionandsounds mbfffashionandsounds-markethq-mbff

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What a knock out show!! To be honest I wasn’t expecting too much as I was at the GP show a few nights before and didn’t think much of it. However, MarketHQ fashion show was a nice surprise.

The show was great – they started with suffocating the whole room with graffiti live art spray painting the backdrop of ‘MarketHQ’ on clear perspex. After this, they they opened the show with 5 of Australia’s top bloggers, Steph Kramer from Watermelon Crush, Rochelle Fox, Morgan Joanel, Chloe Ting and Emma from Spin Dizzy Fall. What an inspiration! I guess this whole blogger-catwalk thing started with Gary Pepper – so thanks, girl!

MarketHQ’s trends were strong, wearable, understandable and easy to digest as well as having their take on styling that some other retailers probably couldn’t pull off.

In the middle they had this little dance routine to Rob Thick’s Blurred Lines – I added the video I look with my iphone, let me know what you think – I loved it – Just what GP didn’t have… backflips.

Sorry about the dodgey pics but I just used my iphone. (All the good ones aren’t mine)

I was wearing Mini Palms Flare Dress I designed for 1&20 Blackbirds, Zara leather jacket & sunnies, Wittner leather booties and Atmos&here duffle bag.

Jessie x