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The Best Day to Night Make Up Looks for 2018

The secret to quickly shift from day makeup to night makeup is in adding more drama to the eyes. Go from the subtle nude shades to smouldering, smoky eye makeup, and you’ve got it nailed.

Eyeshadow Compacts that Have it All EYESHADOW 1) Laura Mercier Exotics Redefined Eye Colour Collection | 2) Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Big Sexy Eye Kit | 3) Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Eyeshadow Palette 4) Charlotte Tilbury Instant Eye Palette | 5) Shu Uemura Fresh Nudes Palettes | 6) Nyx Professional Makeup The Natural Eye Shadow Palette | 7) Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Eye Shades

Lines and Curls to Add More Drama
Get that iconic Audrey Hepburn wingtip with these stay-on eyeliners and eyelash curlers! EYELINERS_CURLERS 1) Charlotte Tilbury Nocturnal Cat Eyes Shadow and Liner Set | 2) Nyx Super Fat Eye Marker | 3) Charlotte Tilbury Life-Changing Lashes Eyelash Curler | 4) Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler | 5) Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler | 6) Lancome Liner Plume

Make it Look Real with these Falsies!
False eyelashes are a must for any night eye makeup. They don’t just make your eyes stand out, they also lend that mysterious look to your face. LASHES 1) Glam by Manicare Sophia Minx Effect Lashes | 2) Ardell Faux Mini 810 Lashes | 3) Glam by Manicare Selena Intense Lashes | 4) Glam by Manicare Cara Dramatic Lashes | 5) Ardell Faux Mini 812 Lashes

MASCARA 1) Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real! Mascara | 2) Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof Mascara | 3) Lancome Definicils Lengthening and Defining Mascara | 4) Physicians Formula Argan Oil Mascara | 5) L’oreal Volume Million Lashes Mascara | 6) Nyx The Skinny Mascara in Black

Define Gorgeous with Defined Brows BROWS 1) Lancome Monsieur Big Brow Crayon & Blending Brush | 2) Benefit Cosmetics Foolproof Brow Powder | 3) Mary Kay Brow Definer Pencil | 4) Laura Mercier Sketch and Intensify Brow Duo | 5) Nyx Eybrow Marker | 6) L’oreal Paris Brow Artist Genius Kit

Night-outs are made for unforgettable moments and of course, gorgeous photos to remember them by! Look fabulous in all your pictures by perfecting your contours and accentuating the highlights of your face  CONTOUR&HIGHLIGHT 1) Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Contour Stick | 2) Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Highlighter | 3) Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow | 4) Physicians Formula Murumuru Butter Bronzer | 5) Mary Kay Glowing Finish Illuminating Stick | 6) L’oreal Paris Truematch Illuminating Liquid | 7) Laura Mercier Face Illuminator

Luckily for us, switching from daytime lip shades to night time lip shades is quite easy – just avoid anything bright and poppy! Stick to the nudes and darker shades and you’ve got the perfect lip shade to match your look. LIPSTICK SHADES 1) Laura Mercier Creme Smooth Lip Colour in Crushed Pecan | 2) Nyx Liquid Suede Creme Lipstick | 3) Shu Uemura Rogue Unlimited in OR520 and WN285 | 4) Charlotte Tilbury Modern Matte Lipstick in Glastonberry | 5) Lancome Absolu Rogue Matte in Shade 193 | 6) L’oreal Paris Rich Matte Addiction Lipstick in Plum Tuxedo

Photo Credits : Eye Makeup Transition - | Contour and Highlight - | Lipstick - | Makeup Background –

What to give when they have everything they need

Yes, I like things, shoes, bags and jewellery but I wouldn’t recommend anyone buy me that stuff because it’s so personal to me and I like what I like and usually not what anyone else picks for me. So don’t even bother. If you have to buy a gift for someone like that, or for a person who already has everything they want then I recommend you give a gift of experience… that’s what I would like the most.

1) GET THEM HIGH (no, not like that)

What’s more thrilling than the thought of being thousands of feet above ground? Get your loved one a flying experience. Let them feel the wind on their face and see the cityscape in its full glory from high above, and they are sure to always remember this unforgettable adventure.


I did this over Mexico earlier this year and what an amazing experience!!! truely breathtaking and such a special sight to see.  Hot-Air-Ballooning-over-the-Hunter-Valley


I did this earlier this year it was so much fun, it’s amazing seeing everything from the sky and it’s crazy to put in perspective how fast it is to go to Sydney to Manly and back in 20 minutes… no traffic life is the best life… 2-Sydney-Harbour-Helicopter-Flight


Ok I haven’t done this one yet but it’s on the list! *hint hint*  3-Beach-Skydiving


The best part about giving your partner a trip away is that you get to go away too ;)

FRASER ISLAND TRIP - One of Australia’s most gorgeous islands… must not miss this place in your lifetime 7-Fraser-Island-Trip


Ok I haven’t been here but I am all for a hot spring 8-Breakfast-and-Hotsprings


Stay at this gorgeous hotel and then see the sun rise over the city?!! wowwww get me here ASAP 9-Balloon-Flight-and-Overnight-Stay


If your friends and family aren’t the type to want to just sit around then take them on an adrenaline ride and some unique experiences and thanks to budget airlines it’s so easy to go away for a few nights!


If you haven’t snorkelled or dove the Great Barrier Reef I beg you to get off your butt and do this immediately. Year by year the reef is dying and it will be less and less exciting to see as time goes on. So hop to it and book something!! 11-Cairns-Reef-Tour


This is my dream. I LOVE sharks and whales. LOVE. I NEED TO DO THIS NOW. Who will go with me though?! 12-Swimming-with-Ocean-Giants


Doing anything in the jungle makes me happy  13-Jungle-Surfing-Tour


So easy, so fun and a good workout! The last time I did this I kayaked to a little penguin beach and saw penguins. True story.  14-Kayaking-in-Manly


Such a surreal and unique experience, the team treat you so well with buffet dinner and a sweet glamped out tent. You get to feed the giraffes in the morning and go into the monkey enclosure, it’s so fun and such a beautiful view! 15-Taronga-Zoo-Roar-and-Snore


Give your loved ones the opportunity to end the year with a new beginning, something new to learn and carry on to the coming year. Who knows? You might be helping them discover new passions and interests!


Ok, I probably won’t do this… but they you know someone who likes to catch and food their own seafood, maybe? 16-Sydney-Seafood-School


If I’m being honest you don’t need ‘lessons’ on how to paddle board, it’s so easy. So so so easy. I love paddleboarding it’s such a good work out, you get a tan while you do it and you get to see parts of the ocean you never would have been able to before.  18-Stand-Up-Paddle-Boarding


I probably wouldn’t do this but I know MANY boys who would and who have… a great hit with the gentlemen.  19-Helicopter-Flying-Lessons


I haven’t done this yet but I walk past all the time and it look sooooo cute I really want to try :) I just need an art buddy!!! 20-Cork-and-Chroma


Send your parents out on quality time in the best and most romantic locations there are! or you know, your partner… because you get to go too


Ok, I did this with my 15 year old sweet heart… not the sleep over bit the movie bit, it’s super cute. I recommend you dress up like Sandy and Danny in Grease to really set the mood haha 22-Retro-Drive-in-Movie


I’m so lucky because the Moonlight Cinemas are about a 10 minute walk from my house into the local park… I love this movie going experience on a hot summer’s night with friends on a bunch of bean bags, a drink and some snuck in snacks. Hot tip, if you know someone who uses Telstra they can get cheap tickets!



If this isn’t romantic I don’t know what is 24-Date-by-the-Ocean


A whole year’s worth of hard work deserves some pamper time as year-end reward! Get these packages for your loved ones and send them on to the spa


I had the opportunity to get this spa experience you feel so amazing afterwards. I wrote all about it here body-care-range

MASSAGE AT EDEN SPA 25-Massage-Treat


My go-to for making me feel goooooood. If you know someone who has wanted a fresh cut or colour but hasn’t wanted to fork out any real cash for it… do them a favour and send them to Penny at Barney Martin 25-Hair-Makeover

Do you ever feel alone even in a crowded room?

In a recent interview Elon Musk revealed that he was lonely. Granted, it was after his break up with his girlfriend, but nonetheless, even self-made billionaires get lonely even at the top. But Elon isn’t alone, in fact entrepreneurs report being “lonely” more than twice the average. But why is that? It’s because we’re different, and we know it. It’s what drives us to create, explore, and travel. It’s what gives us that drive because we try to fill the void of our pain.

We try to connect to our audience with success and achievements.

As much as we hark on about being secure, we’re all a little bit insecure. And that makes entrepreneurs (even Elon Musk) feel lonely. And it’s not just Elon, I feel alone too.

I always feel alone. I can be at parties every night of the week, meet new people every day, be with my boyfriend night after night, but still feel very alone.

But I’m not alone. I think entrepreneurs feel alone at every level of their career, start up or in a big global team, and we all feel alone together. We all try to cover up our loneliness with more work, and then become workaholics, addicted to the ‘need’ to be needed, even if it’s work we have created for ourselves.

It’s not about being socially inept, or unable to carry a conversation, or the inability to have friends, or not having people who relate to you, but the fact that we crave the “hit” of the success because we don’t know how to get our emotional needs met any other way. But at the same time, the hurt drives us to be productive and proactive.

Because of this we create, we produce, and we serve our audience.

So if you feel alone, it’s okay. I do, too. And so does Elon and he’s changed the course of the future and so can you.

And thank God for my loneliness, it has driven me to build an amazing audience of over 100k people who I can inspire and grow with.

Be grateful for your pain and your loneliness. It will force to you be a smarter worker, be more productive, take initiative, and be a voice for people who don’t have one.

Jessie x


lee-jeans-sportsgirl-balenciaga-sunday-somewhere lee-jeans-sportsgirl-balenciaga-sunday-somewhere lee-jeans-sportsgirl-balenciaga-sunday-somewhere lee-jeans-sportsgirl-balenciaga-sunday-somewhere lee-jeans-sportsgirl-balenciaga-sunday-somewhere lee-jeans-sportsgirl-balenciaga-sunday-somewhere

Showpo Coat | Sportsgirl Bandana | Sportsgirl Tee | Lee Jeans Denim Mini Skirt | Balenciaga Bag | Sunday Somewhere Valentine Sunnies

After listening to Beyonce’s new album, Lemonade, for 40 hours straight this week & reading hundreds of articles of speculation I thought I’d share my thoughts on the topic of infidelity.

Now, I’m well aware that there are more topics raised in the album bigger than cheating but I’ll be focussing on the aforementioned.

Cheating comes in two forms: physically and emotionally: Physically is as little as a kiss with someone up to a whole night(s) together, however there’s no emotional ties with the act. Emotionally, and arguably the worse of the two is having an emotional connection with someone else while you’re in a committed relationship, which of course can lead to something physical whether you choose to or not.

Have I cheated? Physically, no. Emotionally, maybe, yes. But I didn’t let it drag on for long, not that that’s an excuse. I was in a two year committed relationship and probably the most amazing boyfriend I’ve had to date. I realised shortly after I had feelings for someone else so I couldn’t really be in love with this boy so I ended it. That was put particularly harshly but of course there’s more to it than that.

Have I been cheated on? I honestly don’t know. There’s a very high chance, but I haven’t had it confirmed and tbh I don’t need it to be as it’s all water under the bridge.

Is cheating forgivable? Every relationship is different and you can’t pigeonhole an answer to yes or no. I have a lot of people close to me in my life who have dealt with this issue. A lot of it was within marriage which puts a spanner in the works. Some have worked it out and some have broken up over it, not without fighting for the relationship though.

My boyfriend is cheating on me, what do I do? I would say leave him, throw his stuff out the door, cry with your girlfriends, watch Sex & the City and move on with your life.

But he says he loves me and it won’t happen again? Make him bloody work for it, work for YOU! You’re a fine ass fox if he really meant it he WILL work for it. Sometimes it takes a infidel act to make someone realise that the grass isn’t greener on the other side after all. Again, every relationship is different but if it happens more than once it’s a BAD sign. But even once has ruined all trust in the relationship so you really need to assess whether this relationship is worth stressing over every time he’s out with his ‘mates’ late at night.

Ok I dumped his ass, how do I deal? Stay busy, stay focussed on being a whole person again without someone by your side, have goals and don’t let one of those goals be to screw his best friend or make like the FBI and stalk him and ‘the other woman’ (because I know all of your girls know how!) Distance is your best friend and time is the only thing that can heal you. As Bey put it “Always stay gracious, best revenge is your paper” – Formation. Which I interpret to be your success.

I genuinely want all of my readers to be successful in their fields, their relationships and their life. Thanks for reading!

Jessie x

10 Signs he’s into you

bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela bikini-baywatch-pamela Showpo Pamela Bikini | Showpo Sunglasses | Bali Body

Whether you’re in a relationship or sussing out if he likes you these are the clear cut signs he cares about you and wants you. If he’s not doing these things you really need to reconsider if he’s really that into you…

1. He asks how your day is - he wants to know about your mundane, everyday things & even sends a ‘goodnight’ or ‘goodmorning’ text if you’re not physically together

2. He’ll double text – there’s no shame when it comes to getting your attention

3. He asks your opinion – he’ll ask “Do you like these sneakers?” before he buys them

4. He’ll hold you & kiss you in public – it doesn’t have to be an over-share of PDA but touching your hand over or under the table or holding you while you walk is pretty clear he wants the world to know he’s yours

5. He doesn’t take half a day to reply to you – you’re a priority in his life and you should expect to hear back from him in T minus 15 minutes

6. He notices little things – when you’ve changed your hair or if you’re wearing new jeans because your butt is looking extra fine

7. He compliments you – on your smile, your intellect, your choice in movies, your new shoes, guys like to let girls know they are looking, and why wouldn’t they, you’re hot!

8. He ignores his phone when you’re together – the only person he wants to hear from is with him

9. He makes an effort to see you – he’ll come over from the other side of town to hang out if he has to, not only when it’s convenient

10. He makes an effort to get to know your friends - instead of being jealous of your guy friends he’ll get to know them, and he’ll make sure he’s in with your best girlfriends because it’s important to be in their good books. He’s expecting to be with you long term so why not be friends with yours?

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan