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When life gives you lemons

bikini bikini bikini jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds

Pretty Little Thing Bikini | Bandeau Bikini | High Rise Bikini | Triangle Scallop Bikini

A little impromptu shoot I did with Wes while out at Bronte pool. So simple yet I love this series of images (if I say so myself) which I think is a good indicator that I’m doing what I love. After a series of unfortunate events with work that got and me down and down again I love that what I truely love doing is creating content and producing work I’m proud of with my team, a team of two. Wes and I. Hahahah.

In a world where everything you do has to be done because you’re paid for it it’s nice to step back and do something you’re not paid for a remember why you started in the first place, decide if you still love doing it or not. If you do, keep going!! If you don’t, find something else you’re good at and start that. It’s never too late to start a new career.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan


Jersey Girl

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-givenchy Pretty Little Thing Bodysuit | Nude Lucy Shorts | Givenchy Antigona Bag | Colette by Colette Hayman Sunglasses

Yep, this is a normal jersey bodysuit with straps I’ve just let down to give it a little bit of an edgy look because off-the-shoulder is still a big trend going into Spring. I’ve kept this outfit minimal, simple and comfy with some jersey running shorts and statement bag from Givenchy as I run errands around the town!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan



The Comfiest All Black Jeans On The Market

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jeanswest jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jeanswest jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jeanswest jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jeanswest jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jeanswest jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jeanswest jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jeanswest Jeanswest Super Skinny Jeans | Glamorous Satin Backpack | Bonds Rib Tee | Oscar Wylee Sunglasses | Public Desire Boots

I thought I had abandoned all signs of skinny jeans, this is until I go to try the new Jeanswest Super Skinny Jeans collection. The denim is sourced from Turkey and stretches 4-ways which means they stretch up, down, left and right so there’s no option of discomfort and they don’t lose their shape. It’s a nice mid-rise for those who aren’t really into full high rise and because nobody should be wearing low-waisted jeans anymore! They’re so unflattering! So please give these bad boys a try if you’re looking at getting a pair of BA skinny jeans that will last you forever.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

My Favourite Little Black Bikinis

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-all-sisters jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-all-sisters jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-all-sisters All Sisters Bikini (Similar here) | All Sisters Bikini Bottoms (Similar here) | Sunday Somewhere Yetti Sunglasses

I admit most people don’t have as many bikinis as I do, but if you’re going to invest in one, it has to be a little black bikini. I love a good, supportive fit, made from good fabric like this one from All Sisters and below I’ve put together a slideshow of some others I also recommend.

A fun, new style I don’t yet have but is definitely on my list is this double strap cross back bikini or this ballerina inspired bikini top and lastly this mesh insert triangle bikini which looks divine (insert heart eyes emoji). Is black your favourite bikini colour or do you prefer prints and colour??

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

The Perfect Beach Bag

airlie-showpo airlie-showpo airlie-showpo airlie-showpo airlie-showpo airlie-showpo airlie-showpo airlie-showpo Colette by Colette Hayman BagAirlie Silana CamiShowpo Lover Not A Fighter Skirt | Seafolly San Diego Sunglasses

There’s no secret I am at the beach every single week at least a few times and of course I have the whole packing your stuff down pat. So alongside my beach towel I’ll pack sunnies, a pair of thongs (flip flops), a book, my phone, a water bottle and most importantly sunscreen. This striped faux leather beach bag from Colette by Colette Hayman fits everything perfectly as well as makes any outfit 10x cuter.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Denim mini

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-glassons jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-glassons jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-glassons jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-glassons jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-glassons jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-glassons Off The Shoulder Blouse | Frayed Denim Skirt | Strappy Heel | Beaded Wrap Choker | Buckle Bucket Bag | Contrast Sunglasses

What you need to look for in a denim mini this season is a high waisted a-line with a raw edge like this one I picked up from Glassons. The raw edge gives the mini a less structured, more relaxed feel and the a-line shape (not bodycon) will also add to the casual look, not dig into your thighs and I personally find it more flattering on the body, just make sure you find the right length for you. I like short mini skirts because my legs are actually really short (for my body) but someone with long legs needs a longer length mini which doesn’t flare out as much otherwise it can start to look really chunky.

I’ve paired it back with this white off-the-shoulder blouse and strappy heels for a casual going out look as showing off your shoulders is still a sexy lil thing we should all do once in a while hehe.

Jessie x

Photography by Helen Driscoll

Glassons Road Trip

chevrolet chevrolet chevrolet chevrolet chevrolet chevrolet chevrolet chevrolet chevrolet chevrolet Oversized Mesh Top | Cheeky Denim Shorts | Dual Pouch Sling Bag | Pom Pom Keyring | Vintage Sneaker | Layered Pendant Necklace | Round Metal Sunglasses

I got to spend the day with three of my favourite girls, Helen, Ash and Kiara for Glassons… we went on a fun road trip up to Palm Beach and got to cruise with this amazing vintage 1950s Chevvy! I had such an amazing time and I never take for granted that I get to do the things I love with the best girls around me!

In this look I’m wearing my fave Glassons denim shorts, a lace racer back bralette and layered over it I’ve got this awesome oversized mesh top. Mesh tees are the biggest things right now, they’re perfect for summer because you can layer over bikinis, bralettes as well as singlet tops and it looks different every time. I have it tied up but it also looks great tucked in or undone just hanging over a pair of mom or skinny jeans and sneakers for a more tom boy look.

So get yourself into Glassons because they have literally every style of clothing you need and you can get a whole outfit for under $100!

Jessie x

Photography by Helen Driscoll

November Life Update

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-august-street jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-august-street jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-august-street jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-august-street jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-august-street jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-august-street August Street The League Playsuit | Elleme Bag | Elleme Marble Sunglasses | Public Desire Winnie Perspex Boots | Erin Dana Wrap Around Ring Choker

Hi Guys, just thought I’d update you on what’s going on in my life: this week is particualry stressful. On the weekend I was too excited to gram and walked into the ocean without looking where I was going and walked onto a rock covered in oysters so I really did a number on my foot and am now hobbling my life away like a 87 y/o grandma. I’m dumb, lesson learnt.

This was a great week for that to happen as I’m moving out of my apartment that I’ve been in for over four years right before I’m going to Bali for two weeks. So needless to say I’m going to be on my feet for the next 3 weeks! Yay for me. Yay for not healing.

The next few days will be full of packing, packing, shooting, packing and moving and unpacking and packing and then flying. I’m usually quite into going to the gym right before I have a tropical getaway however I don’t think I’ll be able to be on my feet for much more of the day so I don’t know how that’s going to pan out…

Despite all of this I’ve realised I have so many amazing friends in my life who have volunteered to help a little ‘ol me pack up, move, drive and just be there for moral as well as physical support. Makes me so happy :)

So here’s to you guys! *raises non-alcholic glass of something because I’m not drinking right now since I can’t go to the gym and work out*

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Tomboy Floral

moschino-shevoke-public-desire moschino-shevoke-public-desire moschino-shevoke-public-desire moschino-shevoke-public-desire moschino-shevoke-public-desire A Brand Jeans Jessie High Relaxed ShortsMissguided Long Sleeve Embroidered Satin Shirt Khaki | Love Moschino Cross Body Bag | Brandy Laser Cut Ankle Boot | Shevoke Sunglasses | Ixiah Necklace

With over half a decade of being a Fashion Designer we were always told that floral print is basically a staple, like stripes and solids, but it’s been well over a year since I’ve injected any ‘floral print’ into my wardrobe. Until now. And even now I don’t think this really counts as a print, because it’s not… it’s embroidery! The floral embroidery trend is really taking off, we’re seeing it in high end designer bags like Gucci and then being filtered down into embroidered denim and tops like this. I like it as a happy medium between having a girly print and a nice way to elevate a look with embroidery.

I’ve also elevated the look with this amazing necklace from Ixiah. A statement necklace is what the front of this outfit needed. The back says alot on it’s own but without the design detail on the front I wanted to add a touch of interest. So add an amazing necklace or set of earrings and bang you’re on your way to dressy without having to wear a dress!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan