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Lace & Leather

jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-stylestalker jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-stylestalker jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-stylestalker jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-stylestalker jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-stylestalker jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-stylestalker jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-stylestalker jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-stylestalker

This stylestalker top is everything I love about Fashion. A simple tank that’s been altered to be a gorgeous dress up or down top. This racer front (don’t know what else to call it) top is a nice detail change from your regular tank and the gorgeous peek-a-book lace at the hem brings out ‘farshun’ in any outfit haha.

I’ve styled it back with this Atmos&here leather look quilted skirt I designed, Spurr heels, my fave Hello Parry holographic clutch and MINKPINK sunnies.

J x

Photography by Ryan Leaney

Monochrome Must Haves

jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-monochrome jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-monochrome jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-monochrome jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-monochrome jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-monochrome jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-monochrome jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-monochrome This is a simple and fun outfit from a brand I design for at The Iconic. I love the black on white on black on white trend that going on, so I had to put this one together. I don’t know how, but I am pretty sure I’ve gotten shorter since last year… old dresses seem longer & people are taller around me. It sucks. Thank God there a shorts, I love shorts, I love shorts so much & I don’t think I’ll be wearing as many skirts as I will be shorts this summer. The reason I say this is because shorts show more of your leg & sweep up at the sides giving a longer illusion with a little bit of modesty (if there’s no butt hanging out from the back) whereas skirts are always mid-thigh & straight across to cut you off, and unlucky for me, my thighs aren’t like Miranda’s so I’m stuck dressing for my body type which is not a Victoria’s Secret model. *sigh*

Wearing Cloth tank and shorts with wedges from Aldo, sunnies from MINKPINK, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch & Hello Parry clutch.

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen

Noodle Markets

jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-120blackbirds Despite being a major city, Sydney is really quiet. Go for a walk or a drive on Sunday night through the city and everyone is neatly tucked away at home, everything is closed, it’s a ghost town & it’s boring. So when the city of Sydney actually puts on ‘night events’ like these noodle markets it gets rammed. I think it goes to show that Sydney dwellers want something to do, but there really is nothing. I want to live in New York, I want the lights & excitement.

I wore 1&20 Blackbirds top & Atmos&here shorts I designed, available soon on The Iconic, old Peter Alexander bag & Wittner boots.


Photography by Wes Tan

Mod Rock

fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-daisy jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-daisy fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-daisy fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-daisy fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-daisy I love getting you show you the pieces I create such as this Sun Summer Crop Top (Shop the dress here) & Sasha Mini Skirt. I designed this top because I love high necks at the moment, sheers & the always flattering sweetheart neckline – a three-in-one if you ask me! Lemon under yellow is also such a sweet little combo because yellow on it’s own on my skin tone is a little overbearing. I decided to pair it with the lavender coloured skirt because colour theory 101: Purple + Yellow = Perfect Combo! I designed the skirt with a white trim to add a little somethin’ somethin’ & I also think it looks a little 60s mod – which is super rad.

In this casual to night look I have paired them with my beaten up white chucks, Hello Parry holographic clutch & flower ring from Lovisa. I chose to wear the day time look & pair them with sneakers because I think I prefer wearing casual than dressy on any given day. Also it’s so much more comfortable… and I’m lazy. How would you wear it?

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen

Super Slam

jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-1&20blackbirds-plaid jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-1&20blackbirds-plaid jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-1&20blackbirds-plaid jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-1&20blackbirds-plaid jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-1&20blackbirds-plaid I designed this SUPER-CALI-SEXILICIOUS-SLAMMIN-HOLLA-DOPENESS tee because I cannot get enough of lolzy tees right now. I get that it’s not really everybody’s cup of tea, but I believe that what you wear gives anyone a first impression of who you are, what you’re about & a glimpse into your personality. So perhaps it isn’t within your corporate image or high end fashion blogger scene to be screaming these words to people with your clothes, but if you think it’s fun or funny then why not, eh?

With this look I am channelling my inner 90s with top buns & flanno love with Long Haul Plaid Shirt & Super Cali tee I designed for 1&20 Blackbirds pairing it back with Wrangler’s washed black denim cut offs, MINKPINK sunnies, urge booties & go-to MiuMiu top handle.

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen

Cat Attack

fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-cat4 fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-cat fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-cat fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-cat fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-cat6 fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-cat5 jessiekhoo-fashionandsounds-dealwithit fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-cat I went to visit my parents this weekend – and of course see my cats… This one is Tchibi – he’s half ragdoll, half persian… so gorgeous, fluffy and in desperate need of a hair cut. He’s one of the most chillest cats you’ll ever meet (hence the ragdoll) I designed this DEAL WITH IT cat tee with this little guy in mind. Whether or not you get the reference from the deal with it memes, I hope you like it! The daisy shorts were inspired by my love of spring and all things daisies (so much more daisy stuff to come!)

Wearing Talula denim jacket from Aritzia, 1&20 Blackbirds Deal with it cat tee, Daisy runner shorts I also designed & leopard creepers from Hype DC.

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen

Feeling Grey

fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-vans-fashionblog-minkpink fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-vans-fashionblog-minkpink fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-vans-fashionblogfashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-vans-fashionblog fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-vans-fashionblog fashionandsounds-jessiekhoo-vans-fashionblog

This is a post I’ve had since pre-spring and havn’t gotten around to posting! I love Vans and I got this tee from the Vans outlet store in San Diego for around $10… it’s actually a little boy’s tee so I just cut off the sleeves so I could get my arms through & matched it back with my foil printed MINKPINK jeans which I picked up from their warehouse sale for $10 as well… come to think of it this was a very cheap outfit haha. That’s until you add the accessories; MiuMiu top handle, small playa watch from Nixon, beanie I borrowed from a friend, Mimco chain bracelet, Tiffany & Co heart ring, MINKPINK sunnies & shoes from Urge.

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen

Market HQ x MBFF

jessiekhoo-mbff-fashionandsounds mbfffashionandsounds-markethq-mbff

fashionandsounds-markethq-mbfffashionandsounds-markethq-mbff fashionandsounds-markethq-mbff fashionandsounds-markethq-mbff fashionandsounds-markethq-mbff fashionandsounds-markethq-mbff fashionandsounds-markethq-mbfffashionandsounds-markethq-mbff A29T0270 095 mbffs14

What a knock out show!! To be honest I wasn’t expecting too much as I was at the GP show a few nights before and didn’t think much of it. However, MarketHQ fashion show was a nice surprise.

The show was great – they started with suffocating the whole room with graffiti live art spray painting the backdrop of ‘MarketHQ’ on clear perspex. After this, they they opened the show with 5 of Australia’s top bloggers, Steph Kramer from Watermelon Crush, Rochelle Fox, Morgan Joanel, Chloe Ting and Emma from Spin Dizzy Fall. What an inspiration! I guess this whole blogger-catwalk thing started with Gary Pepper – so thanks, girl!

MarketHQ’s trends were strong, wearable, understandable and easy to digest as well as having their take on styling that some other retailers probably couldn’t pull off.

In the middle they had this little dance routine to Rob Thick’s Blurred Lines – I added the video I look with my iphone, let me know what you think – I loved it – Just what GP didn’t have… backflips.

Sorry about the dodgey pics but I just used my iphone. (All the good ones aren’t mine)

I was wearing Mini Palms Flare Dress I designed for 1&20 Blackbirds, Zara leather jacket & sunnies, Wittner leather booties and Atmos&here duffle bag.

Jessie x

Riot Line

bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds IMG_4488es bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds bodycon-dress-plaid-leather-boots-fashionandsounds

I really have no idea what I was thinking when we shot this… I guess we were just trying new things and having fun haha… in hindsight I feel ridiculous but here you go anyway.

I wouldn’t say I’m either here nor there will a ‘style’. Some days I’m preppy, the next grunge then the next I’ll be boho or casual. I think that’s what fun about fashion, experimenting with different looks & mixing them together. This style is a mix of 90s grunge style, chunky leather boots and flannos contrasted against this cage sleeve knitted bodycon dress I designed for 1&20 Blackbirds. Take a look into the origins of this outfit to see how it was created.

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen


plaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsoundsplaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsoundsplaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsoundsplaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsoundsplaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsounds plaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsounds plaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsoundsplaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsoundsplaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsoundsplaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsoundsplaid-adidas-leather-fashionandsounds

I’m totally into the sports trend, now I’m not talking about taking your skins for a walk on the weekend to the cafe (like alot of the hipsters around here) or “Sports Luxe” where it’s super structured, expensive and overprices sweaters, but I mean old school adidas logos mixed with 90s flannos and washed back black denim with rips. What I’m super keen on with this style is that the logo is actually made of tiny bones – seriously b-b-badass if you ask me.

I picked up this tee from The Adidas Store when I was in the states, shorts with metal studs from Evil Twin, Flanno I designed for 1&20 Blackbirds from The Iconic – I love that there are hints of chambray and corduroy elbow patches there too (maybe I’m bias?), leather boots from Windsor Smith also from Iconic and black denim jacket from Silence and Noise, Urban Outfitters.

Jessie x

Photography by Ryan Leaney