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Jurlique Body Care Range Review

body-care-range body-care-range Jurlique Softening Body Lotion | Jurlique Softening Shower Gel

The first time I used Jurlique’s Softening Rose Body Lotion and Shower Gel I wasn’t sure, I was a little on the fence and I thought it smelt too strong and too ‘rosey’ but every time I had it on and I met up with friends (guys and girls) I would get soo many comments about what I’m wearing with everyone asking

“Why do you smell like a bouquet of roses!”

I was a little self-conscious

“Is it okay?” I asked

all they said was

“It’s amazing!”

as they proceeded to sniff my arms and legs. A different experience but nothing too weird when it’s your best friends haha.

From then on I embraced it knowing that these products were rich in organic botanicals, free from harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances. When I use the Shower Gel it cleanses without leaving the skin feeling dry, keeps it smooth and hydrated which is really important if I don’t want to have moisturiser on my body while I’m working from home, I can tell it’s still hydrated & won’t crack.

What I love about the Body Lotion is that it easily absorbs into the skin, so I don’t have to allocate 5 minutes into rubbing a lot of lotion on my legs when I’m running out the door! It is so hydrating and as I mentioned, it smells divine!

If Rose isn’t your favourite scent they have so many other gorgeous options such as Lavender, Lemon, Geranium and Clary Sage, and Citrus which I’ll be using next!

Jessie x

The Best Gifts for Travel Junkies

We all have that one friend who can’t seem to stay put in one place, always finding new places to explore and adventures to try out. Their biggest challenge? Packing light! Yes, it can be quite tempting to stuff all the things we just can’t live without in our travel trunks, even it it means more baggage weight. Luckily for us and our travel junkie friends, here are some genius travel goodies to make packing easier for us, and travel adventures more convenient and comfortable. Grab some for yourself or gift them to a friend, they are sure to take them wherever they go!

Jurlique Facial Experience

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jurlique jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jurlique1 jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jurlique2 jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jurlique3 jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jurlique4 jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-jurlique5 Jurlique Radiance Renewal 28 Day Programme | Missy Empire Pink Satin Pocket Blazer | Metalicus Staple Ballet Top | Rebecca Minkoff Nala Sneakers | Zara Denim Mini Skirt (similar here)

If you like to be organised like me you would have started your Christmas shopping! Maybe it’s not so much organisation as it is excitement but nonetheless I have at least half of my gifts sorted! Woo! Sooo because of this I have decided to treat myself while walking around the shops by dropping into the Mid City Jurlique store for one of their 1 hour signature facials.

What I love most about the Jurlique facials is that it’s customised to your skin care concerns, a professional brush deeply cleanses the skin, boosts microcirculation and prepares your skin for the powerful professional-use only products. The best part is the relaxing neck, head and shoulder massage as well as an arm and hand exfoliation massage… bliss!

At the end of this session the beautician recommended I try the Jurlique Radiance Renewal 28 Day Programme at home. In it is 2 different moisturisers:

Step 1 - For the first 14 days, this lightweight, antioxidant rich lotion gently exfoliates to help even and renew skin tone and texture and assists with renewal of the skin.

Step 2 – For the last 14 days the luxurious cream smooths, protects and deeply replenishes the skin.

It’s been 28 days now, I only got a few breakouts right after the facial but this is normal whenever you get a facial but now my skin is so clear, it’s smooth and the skin tone is even! So putting on makeup is so easy and effortless because there isn’t any deep circles to deal with or unevenness in skin tone. Highly recommend giving it a try! Also, my bottles aren’t empty so I can go back to the program in 6 months and do it again!

But enough about my rambling – watch the video below if you don’t believe how relaxing this 1 hour signature facial is!

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan

Save or Splurge Gift Buying Guide

Can’t decide whether to save some dollars or to spoil everyone on your gift buying list? Whichever way you choose to go, here’s a handy guide on what to buy for your girlfriend, boyfriend or yourself ;)

I’ve found some of my favourite heels, boots and sneakers from YSL and if you just want to steal the look instead of take the plunge for the real deal I have some amazing options which your bank account may be grateful for. I’ve also found you some amazing options for bluetooth headphones and speakers as well as my favourite chronograph watches.

The Best Online Deals this Black Friday

jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-asos Asos Denim Mini Skirt | Asos Desert Island Western Buckle Trainers - Use Code MORE20 for 20% off

Urban Outfitters Baker Boy Hat - Buy one get second 50% off jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus.JPG jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus1.JPG jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus2.JPG jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus3.JPG jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus4.JPG jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus5.JPG jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus6.JPG jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus7.JPG jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-primus Metropolis Mini Cross Bag from Shopbop - Use Code MORE17 for 24% off jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-stussy Kendall + Kylie Shiloh Slides from Shopbop prada Prada Shoulder Bag - Up to 50% off on Farfetch jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-puma-sony Sony MDR-1000x Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

It’s the most awaited sale craze of the year this week as Black Friday is here! Get ready to shop for your favourite fashion, beauty, and gift items at the best prices and deals ever.

To help you make the most out of this year’s Black Friday offers, here is a list of our favourite shops along with promos and discount codes you can use on checkout. Save up to get the most from these deals. And why wait for Christmas week to go shopping for gifts? Go go go!

CONTIKI – Up to 30% off select 2018 trips. Valid until 11/27

MODA OPERANDI – 30% off sale styles. Use code 30EXTRA. Valid until 11/27.

NET-A-PORTER – 50% off new styles added on 11/24.

NIKE – 25% off sale styles. Used code EPIC25. Valid until 11/28.

SHOPBOP – 75% off sale items and 30% full-priced styles. 20% off on orders $200+, 25% off on orders $500+, and 30% off on orders $800+. Use code MORE17. Valid until 11/27

SAKS – Up to 60% off at the Thanksgiving sale. Valid until 11/24.

MACY’S – 20% off on Black Friday. Use code HURRY. Valid until 11/25.

YOOX – Extra 60% off. Valid from 11/26

NORDSTROM – Extra 20% off on select sale items. Valid from 11/24 to 11/27

SSENSE – Up to 50% off

MATCHESFASHION.COM – Up to 50% off on fall/winter styles

REVOLVE – Up to 50% off sale styles starting 11/23

LUISAVIAROMA - 20% off on items. Use code BFSUS17. Valid until 11/29

INTERMIX – 40% off selected full-priced styles. Valid until 11/23

J. CREW – 40% off on everything. Valid until 11/26

TOPSHOP – Up to 50% off and FREE SHIPPING. Valid from 11/22 to 11/27.

ASOS – 20% off everything. Use code WIN20. Valid from 11/28

MADEWELL – 25% off everything. Use code DONTSTRESS. Valid until 11/26

THE OUTNET – Extra 10% off on new arrivals on 11/24. Use code FRIYAY

FARFETCH – 50% off on items. Valid on 11/23 for a limited time only

URBAN OUTFITTERS – Buy one, get one 50% off. Valid from 11/22 to 11/24

SELFRIDGES & CO. – Up to 20% off on items. Use code SELFCCE. Valid until 11/26.

MYTHERESA – $15 off on purchases $60 and above. 30% off on selected items when you use code BLACK30

MISSGUIDED – 50% off everything excluding Sale & Carlibybel. Use code DIG50

ETSY – Great discounts on selected handcrafted items

FOREO – 22% off Luna Mini 2 and Iris, 25% off Issa plus free hybrid brush head with your purchase. Use code FOREOBF17. Valid until 11/29

ANN TAYLOR – 50% off everything. Use code THANKFUL. Valid until 11/24.

NASTY GAL – 30% off on items until 11/26 in the UK. 50% off on items until 11/26 in Australia

BOOHOO – 30%-50% off on products excluding sale items starting until 11/27 in the UK. 60% off on products excluding sale and premium items starting until 11/26 in the US. 50% off on products excluding sale and premium items until 11/27 in France, Australia, and Denmark

ALL SAINTS -  Up to 40% off on everything! Valid until 11/28

PARACHUTE – 20% on everything. Use code SALE17. Valid from 11/24 to 11/27

ELF – 50% off on orders $30 and above. Exclusions apply. Free shipping on orders $25 and above. Use code CELEBRATE. Valid until 11/27

KHIEL’S – $20 off on orders $65 and above. Use code JINGLE. Valid until 11/30

JAMES PERSE – Up to 70% off plus free shipping! Valid until 11/27.

So there you have it, our best deals for Black Friday. Hurry and shop now while the good items last. They won’t be there for long!

Jessie x


bikini-tan-girl bikini-tan-girl bikini-tan-girl bikini-tan-girl bikini-tan-girl bikini-tan-girl Beginning Boutique Cruz Bikini Set | Beginning La Lune Crystal Sunglasses | De Lorenzo Ocean Mist | Pure Tan Instant Tanning Foam Dark | Watermelon Bali Body

It’s not a secret that I’m a sucker for a little bikini and I loved this tangerine/ coral number from Beginning boutique. The tiny straps are perfect for tanning (not that my fake tan isn’t enough). Also, because it’s creeping into winter I’m not actually going into the water, instead I’m also faking that and spraying my locks with sea salt spray! Something I do daily whether the beach is involved or not to add texture to my naturally straight hair.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan


jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-skinfoods-somedayslovin jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-skinfoods-somedayslovin jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-skinfoods-somedayslovin jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds-skinfoods-somedayslovin Skinfood Exfoliating Body Bar | Somedays Lovin Bikini

Since I was in my early teens my mum would take me into Myer or DJs and I’d stand around and watch her shop for hours for new face and skin products. Here I was forced to learn the fundamentals of cleanse, tone, moisturise …and repeat twice a day.

Since then I’ve never skipped a day, and I love taking care of the skin on my face and body regularly because if you don’t do it now it’ll show sooner rather than later… and I love the feeling of smooth skin and I’m obsessed with exfoliating!

So when I tried the Skinfood exfoliating body bar I thought it was completely genius. It’s the perfect ratio of lather and scrub and you don’t need a body brush or towel scrub. I’ve been following this up with the Skinfood body butter after the shower to really lock in the moisture. I couldn’t stress more how important it is to moisturise after your showers!

I haven’t photoshopped my skin at all in this post because I wanted to keep the article as genuine at possible and to show that I truly believe that giving your skin alot of attention is 100% necessary and I couldn’t recommend the products at Skinfood more for it.

Jessie x

Photography by Wes Tan


jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds jessie-khoo-fashion-and-sounds Pure Tan 100% Pure Coconut Oil | Pure Tan Dark Tanning FoamPure Tan Applicator Mitt | De Lorenzo Shine Spray | De Lorenzo Ocean Mist Spray | De Lorenzo Dry Texture Spray | De Lorenzo Cherry Red Nova Fusion Shampoo | De Lorenzo Nova Fusion Colour Care Conditioner

I use beauty products every day of my life but I don’t tell you guys about them enough. Going into winter in Australia it’s nice to keep to fresh glow on your skin that you’re not getting from the sun and one of my fave brands I use day in and out is Pure Tan. Not only do their faux tanners give you a gorgeous glow but they apply really well and set really well so you’re not sitting in your bedroom or bathroom naked for hours for it to dry. Obviously I don’t fake tan everyday but I do use their Pure Tan 100% Pure Coconut Oil every single day all over my body, as a moisturiser replacement. It’s a great natural scent that applies soft and smooth and also helps with stretch marks and scars. I definitely recommend trying coconut oil!

For my hair I’ve been using the huge range from De Lorenzo. I only wash my hair once a week but use their Cherry Red Nova Fusion Shampoo to keep my colour bright. To get the beachy hair look you need to try De Lorenzo Ocean Mist Spray and De Lorenzo Dry Texture Spray after putting a little bit of texture in with a heat wand or curler. Of course if you’re applying heat to your hair you need to prime it with a heat protector spray – I recommend their argan oil heat spray.

Have fun, ladies! (and gents!)

Jessie x

Photography by Jocelyn Nguyen